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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Breathe On Me is still my favorite song of hers.
  2. ‘Breathe On Me’ never gets old. Like even during the gap between In The Zone and Blackout where I’d listen to her older music obsessively since it wasn’t certain there’d be anything new I never got sick of that song. It’s fucking timeless.
  3. Yea, one does not simply get over this.
  4. The Thin White Duke Mix has also been an absolute treat during Britney's quiet moments.
  5. Yas the extended mix that’s like 8+ minutes or whatever is orgasmic. I love that she stans so hard for ‘Breathe On Me’...Queen of having impeccable taste in her own music.
  6. For those who are tired of POM (me), having a couple new songs to perform would really breathe some life into the show.
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  7. I’m gonna get a bit sappy right now, but her receiving the GLAAD Vanguard Award has really made my day. Growing up with her music really hit home how intregral she was to my childhood and teens and coming to terms with my sexuality. It’s so nice to see her get dues like this now.
  8. Interesting...

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  9. This performance alone deserves a GLAAD award.
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  10. He


    I mean those names don't seem crazy. I'm hoping for a continuation of Glory.

    With this tour it seems more people will pay attention to any music released.
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  11. Wig flies every single time.

    I either rewatch this to feel my inner slutty Britney fantasy, grinding and hair flipping on every piece of furniture there is, or to feel a little bit more straight because of how god damn beautiful she looks.
  12. 1:38 did she forget where she was for a sec? haha
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  13. Not her showing more life and energy there than she did in all the performances from that era combined.
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  14. Dddd that's not Britney
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  15. I would love a Britney x Bloodpop song tbh.
  16. DDDDDD oh my GOD. I knew something seemed off but it was the Femme Fatale era so ...
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  17. He


    I'm screaming!
  18. Isn’t ‘Better’ Bloodpop?
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  19. Yes it is.
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  20. And it's brilliant. I need more.
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