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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Yeah 'Better' is one of my favourite songs on an album filled with great songs so I wouldn't be mad if we got more Britney x BloodPop.

    As long as all the key people behind the scenes are involved like Mischke and Karen Kwak then they've got some room to play and experiment off the back of Glory. Sales and streaming are whatever for Britney these days so they should just get weird with it.

    Oh and I'm wondering whether this "special song" that @timothy_b mentioned is for a movie soundtrack perhaps? As long as it's not some hideous concept like a 'Baby' remake inspired by the 'Where Is The Love?' remake that the Black Eyed Peas did, because no-one wants that.
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  2. Make Me and Slumber Party were huge flops internationally, so the buzz around her finally visiting places like France and Germany again could perhaps help her next single a bit in those places. The biggest hit she took during the Glory era was on YouTube; Work Bitch was huge, even Pretty Girls did quite well. But then Make Me happened and neither that or Slumber Party have even crossed 100M views.
  3. We cannot allow pretty girls to be Britney's last vevo certified video. God no.

    Anyways, Britney can still be a viable music act if she can somewhat transition to streaming. Britney's team dropped the ball on that but had kinda the right ideas with make me.

  4. Excuse me, I need a moment to dry myself off
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  5. I wonder if one of the songs @timothy_b mentioned will be on the upcoming BloodPop album? I know Gaga is going to be on it - it'd be a nice lil pop diva affair to have her on it too.
  6. Getting my life to 3 right now. I always laugh at the fact that Britney had a #1 in the US with a song that's not subtle about her getting porked by two guys. LGBTQ Queen indeed.
  7. Her chart positions in Germany have been quite tragic this decade, so it's a bigger problem than Make Me and Slumber Party...

    #1 "Scream & Shout"
    #23 "Hold It Against Me"
    #27 "Till the World Ends"
    #32 "I Wanna Go"
    #36 "Work Bitch"
    #48 "My Only Wish (This Year)" (ddd)
    #71 "Make Me..."
    #78 "Perfume"
    #86 "Ooh La La"
    #88 "Pretty Girls

    Failed to chart: Criminal and Slumber Party. Mind you she scored 17 Top 10 hits from 1999-2009, and even "Boys" and "Do Somethin" made the Top 20. I'm hoping her sold out dates will boost her profile there though (and in the UK too, seeing as even hits like Till the World Ends and I Wanna Go missed the Top 20, and the latter didn't even make the Top 100).
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  8. Britney needs to move to Germany.
  9. Scream & Shout to Work Bitch is a pretty solid run I'd say. Work Bitch got no promo in the US, much less Germany. Another top 40 would be better than nothing.
  10. That's exactly what I'm thinking. Some cute features (hopefully a hit) from now until the tour, and B10 late this year/next year before the new residency.
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  11. Germaney.
  12. This really feels like the year to strike whilst the iron is hot and I hope they have something up their sleeves. They were close with Make Me, the reception was good and they had a really good video ready, yes we all know something went drastically wrong somewhere but they did so much right that I have faith in what will come next.

    I’d love to see her work with Ian Kirkpatrick again, Hard To Forget Ya and If I’m Dancing captures Britneys essence and personality so perfectly. Just like his production on New Rules does, his music is so effortlessly dramatic and cinematic without you really noticing that it lends itself so well to a video.
  13. No to ‘Hard To Forget Ya’, yes to ‘If I’m Dancing’. ‘If I’m Dancing’ is bonkers but sounds like a Britney song, whereas ‘Hard To Forget Ya’ sounds like any old pop song from the early 2000s (specifically Mandy Moore’s ‘Candy’).
  14. Hard To Forget Ya is so underrated. It's one of the best songs on Glory.
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  15. 'Better' was just an attempt at rehashing 'Lean On'.
  16. is that a bad thing?!
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  17. That video haunts me every day.
  18. I wonder if these are new songs are previous Glory sessions?

    New music, cannot wait.
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  19. He


    I think if they want something fast, then maybe there might be some Glory cast offs? Which I'd be fine with as I bet they can be of high quality.
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