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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Oh, that's a shame.
  2. I'm not really into fashion, so when do you guys think KENZO will reveal their new campaign with Britney?
  3. There was talk of an announcement in April so I imagine that's it.
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  4. Thank you for reminding me of this gem – on repeat the rest of the night. Her library of incredible bops is truly never ending.
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  5. I really want a great ballad or 2 on the next album. Belt for us, vocal Queen!
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  6. We love a second peak

  7. I wouldn't really call those "looks" gorgeous, but okay.
  8. I really hope she brings back the black, Playboy bunny-esque outfit for the Angelic section. It fit her amazingly and she just looked so sexy in it.
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  9. In what world is this not gorgeous?


    Maybe you don't think she's good looking but
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  10. I never said she wasn't good looking? Yikes at your taste if you think those outfits are gorgeous, though.
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  11. Britney herself is gorgeous, but those costumes are largely horrendous.
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  12. The looks are fine, but extremely basic. If anything they’re just made to show off Brit’s physique.
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  13. The outfits look like project runway losing looks.
    "You have12 hours to craft an onstage look for Ms. Spears. You may use duct tape, cello-wrap, and one garment from your grandmother's box going to the hospital thrift shop to create a stage-ready ensemble. Make It Work."
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  14. Doug Elkins posted a demo he produced and recorded by Britney, "Red Hot Lipstick":

  15. Damn! I like it and she co-wrote it.

    Here's what the producer had to say about the track:

    I produced and co-wrote this song for/with Britney Spears. I could write a few chapters about my professional life with Britney Spears, but since I have always chosen to be pretty discreet on the subject, I’m just going to say a couple of things here:

    1) Britney can sing. I often would beg her to stop chewing gum in the vocal booth (to no avail), but she really can sing well when she puts her heart into it. It totally bums me out when I see her lip-syncing (which is almost always).

    2) I know it is ridiculous to feel bad for someone as wealthy and beloved as Britney, but when I see that medicated Francis Farmer-esque look in ward Britney’s eyes and her less than passionate performances of late, I really do feel like she is really not all there.

    One of the most exciting moments of my professional career was the day Britney handed in this song as part of her finished record to her label Jive Records. As I waited over the course of several months to find out the fate of the song, I watched along with the world in horror as her marriage imploded and she went bat sh*t CRAZY. “Blackout”, the album that came out after her hair had finally grown back (at least enough to put in extensions anyway) included none of the songs she had turned in to the label originally. I have to admit “Blackout” was pretty good… of course, minus one glaring omission.

    Shout out to my boy Christian Janson (AKA Noterock) for jumping on the track for eight bars and destroying it as always!
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  16. *stans furiously update their made up Original Doll artwork and track listings*
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  17. He sounds charming.
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  18. This part:

    "Come on take a second,
    Take a ride with me,
    Listen to the breakdown,
    When you're feeling free.
    Come on everybody,
    'Cause we're digging deep. "

    sounds so much like "Everybody"
  19. Sounds like a piece of shit to me. The song is trash, too.
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