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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. When I heard it I thought it sounded like something she would have recorded during/after In The Zone, but before Blackout, so reading the producer's comments about it isn't surprising. It reminds me of songs like Mona Lisa (before it was remastered), Conscience, Money Love And Happiness and Ouch. She definitely had a vibe going on around that time for them all to sound cut from the same cloth.

    In terms of an explicit Blackout, there's no official version available, either legitimately or otherwise, but fans have made some great edits of Get Naked and Hot As Ice implementing the uncensored vocals from the demos into the final recordings.
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  2. “I’ve chosen to be discreet”...and then he isn’t. Okay sis.

    The song is fine.
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  3. Wow he doesn’t come across very nicely does he?
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  4. I've noticed that most of these producers who never make it to the album become very bitter. This one in particular sounds extremely uneducated to be honest.
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  5. ddd her music between In the Zone and Blackout was just not good.
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  6. Chaotic is a bop.
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  7. Yeah, the more we hear the more I'm glad the idea of Original Doll never progressed further than playing Mona Lisa on the radio.

    Although I'm a firm believer Original Doll never existed beyond a concept, and the work between In The Zone and Blackout probably was all considered for Blackout, I think Mona Lisa (Demo), Conscience, Money Love And Happiness, Ouch, Red Hot Lipstick, Take Off and the clip of Peep Show probably give us the clearest glimpse into what would have been considered for an Original Doll project since they all have a similar vibe about them. It would have been panned, but I suspect fans would have appreciated her involvement - all these songs are very clearly "Britney" but lack the quality production - and desire to try something different.
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  8. I don't get fans' obsession with Original Doll when to me, it just seemed like the initial phases of what we now know as Blackout. She may not have written most of it, but Britney was very much involved in the project. All the producers on the record said her work ethic was incredible, given all the noise around her at the time.
  9. Fans will always gravitate towards the tortured artiste narratives, especially with Britney because of her legal status.
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  10. Britney not going forward with the original Blackout/Original Doll sound was one of the best decisions she ever made. The songs were simply not very good.
  11. I tend to agree with you. There's a lot of overlap between post-In The Zone, "Original Doll", and the release of Blackout and I feel a lot of what she worked on in that time would have been considered for Blackout in the end and Original Doll was just a concept everyone, including her, soon forgot about.

    If I'm remembering everything right, there really wasn't much time at all between her premiering Mona Lisa on the radio in December 2004, and November 2006 when she recorded Toy Soldier post-divorce (I believe it was Toy Soldier?). I believe that was probably the last track recorded for Blackout and first half of 2007 before its release was obviously overshadowed by her public breakdown.
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  12. You could even say there was an "original" Glory, where she was recording "man-hating" songs probably in the vein of Liar, as well as some Matthew Koma tracks. But I'm confident the final version is way better. When I hear leaked demos, I usually prefer the album tracks to it. It just feels like part of her creative process, which works most of the time.
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  13. Red Hot Lipstick is...something. I love the kiss sound after chorus, though. Glad for a new Britney leak, regardless!
    I never quite understand what was going on with her vocals during that time - Red Hot Lipstick, Ouch, and Conscience all have such weird vox.
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  14. I agree with you mostly. When it comes to Britney I often prefer the album as it is presented. But, the leaks we have from the "Britney" album are excellent! All of them are album worthy I think. It's a shame songs like She'll Never Be Me didn't end up as b-sides or bonus tracks.
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  15. With Britney, the pattern always seems to start with her playing around the studio for a year or two, probably finding the sound they'll go for. And then, the final album tracks get recorded pretty quickly in a matter of months before album release. Which is great because the songs wouldn't sound dated on arrival.

    I'd like to think her efficiency in the studio carried over from her prime when she had to record things quickly. With an album out almost every year, she had no time to fuck around while recording.
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  16. It just sucks that a lot of the supposed Original Doll demos and tracks that have leaked aren’t that great because I know that the album at some point in time was really important to Britney and felt like it was going to be her creative and artistic breakthrough but the truth to it all is these songs just aren’t good. It breaks my heart, really.
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  17. I mean, she couldn't have been too invested if she scrapped them all.
  18. Maybe it was the gum?
  19. Pretty much all of the early Blackout stuff is awful. I don't know why fans fetishize that era so much.
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  20. I think most of the build-up came before anyone actually heard those demos, aside from Mona Lisa.
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