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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Kiss Me All Over and Pull Out are the only ones I really enjoy.
  2. "Sippin' On" is the best.
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  3. Is Pull Out about what I think it is?
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  4. That was In the Zone, I believe? Unless you're talking about the A.C. feature version, which is worth it for "Tell em the only issues you got is the cover you on".

    It's Over to You Now...
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  5. Not y'all paying "State of Grace" and "Let Go" dust like that
  6. The track has already disappeared. Did anyone manage to save it?
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  7. It’s always interesting when people who worked with her once in 2005 make comments about her life now as if they know anymore about her current situation than we do.
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  8. Yeah, I feel a lot of these old leaks get “this is the REAL Britney!! Robotney!!11” attached to them from has-been (or in this case, not-been) producers in an effort to seem credible. Yawn.
  9. What do you think it is about?

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  11. I take it Britney pretended to this producer that she included Red Hot Lipstick on the record she submitted to Jive just to be polite (similar to when her recording sessions aren’t going well and she excuses herself to “go to the bathroom” aka gets in her car and goes home home via Starbucks). Cos I’m listening to the track as leaked and...
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  12. Kiss Me All Over is such a great song. She needs to pull a Paris Hilton and release it now as a brand new single and pretend it has never leaked a decade ago.
  13. We're talking best unreleased songs and no one has mentioned Till I Say So yet? She has so much great unreleased material from the Britney/In The Zone/Blackout session that it baffles me that they weren't at least made into b-sides.
  14. Rebellion is her best unreleased song.
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  15. That Lipstick song is a complete mess.
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  16. I lowkey think Rebellion is awful from the clips we've heard, and I'm only interested in hearing it because of the lyrics.
  17. I love Welcome to Me - it's so eerie and her vocals sound so vulnerable. Also it's funny how Dangerous was left off Circus when it sounds more of the circus-y than most of the songs on circus.
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  18. Britney really stans the Blackout era... or I just don't notice when she does this for her other songs.

  19. Strangest Love says hi!
  20. Her best leaks are:
    Strangest Love
    Kiss You All Over (although the quality is garbage)
    State of Grace
    When I Say So
    She'll Never Be Me
    Luv The Hurt Away (for old school vocalney)

    This Kiss gets an honorable mention although she sounds like she's underwater in the verses. Most of the others range from ok to terrible.
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