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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. We really don't need to be discussing this for the 100th time. Just be glad the Femme Fatale days are long gone.
  2. She needs to bring that kind of stuff to the stage. It's a shame this newfound fitness hasn't translated to her performances because it's one thing (apart from miming) which would really set her apart from her peers.
  3. Having a moment with Break The Ice today. A bop that deserved more.
  4. I only wish the intro to this song was on Gimme More, or even she released BTI as her comeback for the intro alone.
  5. She did not say this. People are misconstruing her words to fit their narrative. Half of Femme Fatale (including the bonus tracks) were recorded before Luke and Max were made EP's. 3 of those songs were recorded as far back as 2009. The Darkchild songs and Fraser T Smith songs were recorded in summer 2010. Fraser T Smith even said as recently as this year that he got the job to work with her because she liked a song he produced. There was never a different direction for that album.

    What she said in that Jonathan Ross interview is that decisions regarding the music were being made for her, which I'm sure is true. But there was no original direction that was scrapped, not when she was recording Up N Down, Criminal, and I Wanna Go 2 years before hand. People also need to understand that two things can be true at once - Britney's Team could have been spearheading the direction of her albums without much involvement from her, and Britney can also like said songs at the same time, as she clearly does with TTWE. They aren't mutually exclusive.
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  6. Stop discussing Femme Fatale era challenge
  7. The fact that Max Martin had Britney record a full-on house track with Up N Down about three years before the underground started pushing to put the style back in fashion is really cool/interesting. It was even early to the trend when it dropped. I also feel like it's a sound Max did/does very well, but somehow his tracks in that style never made it as big as his other electronic/dance stuff. See most recently Rockin' by The Weeknd.
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  8. Up and Down is a house track?
  9. RJF


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  10. Wasn't "3" recorded at the same time with those? I'm kind of fascinated that they were cranking all of those out in such short time.

    I get that people want Britney to do her own thing but I wouldn't mind another Max Martin produced album. They make magic together. "Femme Fatale" was pop bliss for me and is still enjoyable to this day.
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  11. Honestly, I don’t see her working with Max ever again. It’s always been obvious she’s much more passionate when he’s not around, but her latest interview tells me she’s not gonna work with any old producers.

    With her new found control over her music I just don’t see it happening. And quite frankly, it’s better that way imo.
  12. Isn't it early 90s house-y?
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  13. Sorry that we seem to be tired of the Femme Fatale discussion, but literally passed through a Samsung store. Lo and behold! The Femme Fatale Tour was showing on all the screens. Did/does the distributor have a Samsung tie-up?

    And I still think the Femme Fatale Tour didn’t look that bad. As a show, it’s still better than Piece of Me.
  14. No...?
  15. Well this is a typical example of early 90s house and I think Up N Down resembles it a lot

    along with many 'jock jams' of the era made by Snap, 2 Unlimited etc.
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  16. I can hear the 90s/house influence in Up N' Down, it was noticeable from first play.
  17. I get what you're saying, but to me it's more of a dance pop track!
  18. The 3D recording of the tour was exclusive to new Samsung TV models back in 2011. C'mon relevance tho!
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  19. I think this is what they were going for:
  20. All I ever wanted was for Up n Down to have been the fifth single off FF with the music video continuing in the theme of the tour performance. Thisiswhywecanthavenicethings.m4a
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