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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. I'm just preparing for the worst. If it's not an actual lead from an album, then I assume it'll be a collab and I'm not convinced that her team would reach out to anyone smart. Pitbull & Brit did one that got scrapped, he said he wanted to work with her again, and he's opening for her, so...
  2. I get what you mean. However, let's all collectively pretend none of these circumstances mean an actual collab.
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  3. I would rather another Iggy collab over Pitbull any day ddd.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Exactly why I think he's someone her team will set her up with...
  6. The first cover was a look. I think she would excel in that kind of classy sexy style.

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  7. If its the next Feel This Moment count me in!
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  8. If they're gonna do a one-off I'd rather it be with a big DJ (Calvin, Marshmello, Zedd... someone more exciting that I don't know...) OR a decent rapper. I wouldn't have minded having her do a hook on G-Eazy's record. I'd love to hear her with Nicki or Missy. But alas, my hopes aren't high.

    I really just want a solo single.
  9. I’m honestly shocked she hasn’t done a Calvin feature. I would love to hear her with his vocal production.
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  10. Stan for your best video, queen. And do something like it again!

    Slave has also just this second passed 100m views on YouTube!
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  11. And then get cold feet and fight with the director and shelve it! I'm not bitter!
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  12. Exactly. If she did that video now, she would have the director cut everything even mildly suggestive until it was nothing but shots of her against a green-screened sunset.
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  13. And then give us yet another mediocre and forgettable video instead. It’s not like we care!
  14. I do wonder why she bothered to film the raunchy scenes for Make Me if she wasn’t comfortable. She seemed to be loving life in the gifs we got of the original video and the on set pics. She also loves walking around on stage in the skimpiest underwear she can find. Makes no sense to me!
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  15. I often wake up from a nightmare in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, screaming IT JUST DIDN'T WORK.
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  16. I never bought the ''too sexy to release this video'' narrative. I mean... Piece Of Me is worst sometimes.
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  17. I agree! It was definitely something else. Or if the video was too sexy to release, it wasn’t Britney that thought so
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  18. I suspect it had something to do with the sponsors and Brit's arrogant team.
  19. I don’t blame Britney for the Make Me video mess. When you think about it, the released video is almost just as sexual. She’s literally making 20 something models audition for her only for them to end up in her bed.
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  20. 3:16 ‘My fave music video is probably Slave’. She has good taste.
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