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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Dragging the LaChapelle video is pointless because there's a ton of it that we still haven't seen.

    Whether you hate it or not, that video is exactly what Britney needed to kick off the album and scrapping it derailed the entire campaign. I would throw it in the top 5 list of biggest mistakes her team has ever made.
  2. The cage scene alone looked better than pretty much all of her officially released videos this decade
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  3. Britney's most underrated song, video and look/s EVER
  4. Oooh, there's something soooo sexy about Britney with that ponytail. Love that first dress as wel. I always thought that it was Versace but I'm not sure if that's true.
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  5. Is this account reliable?

  6. Spanish-esque icon coming.

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  7. It all seemed very beige
  8. ...okay but the video we got literally used beige as a damn color palette and barely even fit the song itself.
  9. Not fan favorite "Change Your Mind" being the blueprint for the new album.
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  10. Yes true for sure.
  11. Britney had more color on her titties in the scrapped video than the entire official Make Me video had throughout.
  12. 12 Tweets

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  13. That account only has so many followers because it tweets things to bait Britney fans and then deletes them after they've been proved fake.
  14. All the Twitter ‘insiders’ are beyond fake.
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  15. I think the house/mansion clips did look particularly... empty. But god knows what it would have looked like as a finished product.
  16. I thought @absolutebritney was a somewhat reliable source... I'm still waiting for that "big festival" announcement.
  17. Whatever was with the Glory photoshoot? Was the single cover shot just for that? Was LaChapelle going to do the album shoot too? Because the only picture in the booklet that looked like it wasn't a screenshot was this
    And this looked like a Vegas shoot outtake more than anything
    I hope she stops working with Randee, in every one of her photos, Britney's skin always looks like it's made of wax
  18. As far as I know, Lachapelle was supposed to do the album shoot but after the video mess, everything got scrapped.
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  19. I've always wondered if this was part of the music video or the album photoshoot. Maybe both?

  20. The single cover was part of the scrapped LaChapelle album shoot done on set of his “Make Me” video back when he was going to be the creative director for the campaign. The final album shoot was done on set of Randee’s “Make Me” video, except most of it was just stills from the actual video.
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