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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Sound Off indeed...
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  2. "Man On The Moon" is fucking me up today. The sweet melody yet devastating and oddly relatable lyrics are so beautiful. "Glory" might just end up being my favourite album of hers.
  3. The "Drinking alone in my party dress / Would you come back if I looked my best?" bit hits me every time.
  4. Rem


    I was listening to 'Oops!... I Did It Again' and the album is just brilliant. It's aged fantastically and sounds like such a classic. I also love the little messages at the end of the songs, it really gives off the 00's vibes. Not to mention the lead single is so iconic.
  5. Jesus christ when she was on.... she was ON!
  6. Indeed! Pre-rec vocals wouldn't make a difference now though as her lipping is always so off. *thinks about Me, Myself & I and shudders*
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  7. Are we talking about the same Britney?

    Britney has one of the most unique and recognizable voices of pop music. Even the way she pronunciate is very much of her own.

    She is not a great vocalist, but she is a excelent and unique interpreter.

    Like Pitchfork once said: "Her thin Southern huskiness is one of the defining sounds of 00s pop". Rolling Stone: "any seasoned Britneyologist could already identify it by ear within a couple of bars — nobody else pronounces the consonant "r" or the long vowel "e" like our girl. It has all the distinctive vocal tics of Britney".
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  8. Ugh I know.
    I always envisioned a Last chrous of "If You Seek Amy" wardrobe meets "Born to Make You Happy" music video influence 1950's theme.

    Would have been that perfect music video to kinda of leave the sexual appeal on the cutting room floor and have a music video that focused on her dancing and visual shots.

    Dammit I wanna see her holding a glass of wine with her mascara running when in her best party dress!!
  9. A lana-inspired 50's themed video would be perfect, she would long eye-wateringly gorgeous and it would be great to explore her acting chops again, ugh, are we sure we can't just revive the campaign with some new videos in time for the tour?
  10. My fan club tour t-shirt came today and although so basic, looks ok.

    I mean I have seen some horrid Randee St. Nicolas photos on t-shirts on her store, so think we got off likely...
  11. Does it have anything other than "Britney Tour Club 2018" on it?
  12. No it’s just that phrase in block gold lettering... mine came today.

    It’s actually not atrocious and is quite comfy, just a very uninspired design.
  13. That's a bit of a shame, but not surprising from Team Britney.

    I expected it might use the tour poster on the front, or something, with the lettering on the back.
  14. I started a new job today and when we had to introduce ourselves we had to name a celebrity we’d love to meet and why. I chose Britney and started listening the obvious ie I love her music, I’ve grown up with her etc then a bolshie straight guy yelled ‘and her body is back BANGING right now’ and I was so proud.
  15. Queen of NYC
  16. I'd be down for that!!!! I really would
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  17. Britney x Spotify ad in NYC
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  18. Why is her life so cute, I'm feeling emotional.

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  19. I’m not sure what makes me scream more... the boys behind completely over her Instagram shenanigans or Hannah the dog trying to bully the shit out of her ankles.

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