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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. She should’ve stayed inside that box.
    I love her so much!
  2. And she participated on a song about it 2 years ago:

    Love her.
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  3. Musical Legends, I’m sorry sweeties....
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  4. The Chainsmokers need the coin after three flop singles in a row, turns out they really were fads of 2016.
  5. Their own fault. They're making music nobody will like. Not even frat boys
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  6. My friend saw them at a music festival and said when they started to sing, everybody was like "nooo, please stop singing. Just play the music ."

    I really don't get what their appeal is honestly...
    But to each their own I suppose.
  7. I was hoping and thinking that this was a joke. The online response is going to be delicious.
  8. Queen getting coins
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  9. June 13!

    Less than 10 days away from the supposed / rumored premiere of her new song. What do you guys think? is it coming?

    Not gonna lie, but if rumors are true then everything is poised to be quite a nightmare, the song has been compared to "Clumsy", it has been said to be a reject from "Glory", there's a supposed demo sung by Bebe Rexha on internet that sounds truly HORRIBLE, titles like "Apple Pie" or "Apple Tree" are a bit meh, Not to mention and judging by her pictures on set that she's likely shooting another sexy kitten type of video for the 25th time already.

    If those rumors are true then the song will be dead on arrival, I think she needs something fresher and cooler and more up to date with current audiences and definately not so pop.
  10. Delete it.
  11. I hope a forum ban on Twitter "insiders" is instated when the day comes and nothing surfaces. Y'all have got to stop.
  12. I hope the forum members that seem to only post in this thread will also be put out to pasture.
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  13. Personally, I don't think its real despite that video shoot. I have a feeling that video shoot was for the tour.... not a new single. Though a new single would help promote the tour
  14. A tour.

    Also features my favourite ending of any performance ever.

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  15. The Tour is already Sold out and its a success, it doesn't really need promotion unless she plans to add more dates or something.

    On the other hand getting a new single out while she's about to start a Tour could generate some hype and good light on her new music again, but she needs a good single.
  16. It's not quite sold out, but it has sold well and is certainly a success. We'd all love a new single/music but there's literally zero reason to believe that anything is coming this summer.
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  17. Most dates already sold out.
  18. I think the video she was filming was most likely for her tour. If you think about it, there might be new songs added and so they might need to update sections of the tour to flow better.
  19. Well I wouldn't say 'zero reason' - we have those set pics and even without that it's been 2 years since Glory and Britney rarely takes more than two years between album cycles. Furthermore as has been said many times I really doubt Britney's team would let all the publicity surrounding the first Britney tour in 7 years go to waste without having some kind of music tie-in out.
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