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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Doesn't that actually sound exactly like something Britney and her team would do?
  2. Nah they love a good music/promo cash grab (see Siri Jean). It's the end result that isn't very good, which is a different discussion.
  3. Not to scratch at old wounds, but they squandered the little momentum Make Me had gotten and the good press Glory was getting by waiting 925 years to put out a 2nd single. I don't know that seizing the moment is something they've been very good at as of late.
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  4. Ever since 2013 they (Britney's team / people) are great at ruining everything.

    I doubt she would make such hype / buzz over a tour interlude video tho. I do think a new stand alone single is coming. I just hope the rumors about the supposed details of it are fake tho.
  5. This... proves my point. These are the same ideas that always set Britney stans up to be mad for no reason. We also had set pics for the Kenzo campaign. And fans "really doubting" what her team would or wouldn't do isn't reason to believe anything either... she toured last summer without new music. She did the BBMAs without new music. She opened the revamped Piece of Me without new music.

    I want new stuff as much as the next stan and I'd love to be surprised, but aside from "insiders" on Twitter, forum rumors & fan assumption, there's no reason to believe music is coming before or with the tour.
  6. "Glory" was more "recent" back then and still she did pull a Re-Release for her Asian fans (quite pointless strategy but she did something).

    She didn't have music ready at the time but she clearly did it because there was new music coming and she wanted the press and hype on her (a bit of public image restructuring / repair) and notoriety. "Make Me" came out soon after.
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  7. There is definitely a basis for these rumors, they aren't out of thin air. That said, the evidence can go either way. It's not concrete evidence. She could be filming a number of things. The apple emoji's could be for the song, but they could also be for a fragrance scent or they could be completely random. Unfortunately, that is what we are used to with her team
  8. Apple commercial
  9. They surely do come out of thin air. Britney fans come up with these rumors while taking a dump and then decide they're an insider on twitter.
  10. I want her to start using the eggplant emoji so people can claim her next single is called "Eggplant Parmigiana."

    You heard it here first, stans.
  11. ^Love Me Down is the third single confirmed.
  12. They are/were in talks about doing a TV special for the upcoming tour. Similar to The Onyx Hotel Tour on Showtime. It would make a lot of sense, as it would be the best promo for the upcoming Vegas run. That's what the "secret filming" could have been for...
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  13. Her being on a set filming something with her dancers is not out of thin air. I'm not saying its evidence, but at least there is a basis for the rumors this time. usually there is no basis at all.
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  14. I've just read on Twitter that the new rumour is that there's a duet with either Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani or Xtina coming.

    This is seriuosly getting out of control. These rumors.
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  15. God I would love this. I live for concert specials.
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  16. Would love this to have this too. Those concert specials are always entertaining and great for the legacy, plus she hasn't done one in a long while.
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  17. RainOnFire

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  18. Unbeatable discography, legendary videography.

  19. I would love that
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  20. Britney x Colin Tilley did that. (and Tinashe)

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