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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. They are/were in talks about doing a TV special for the upcoming tour. Similar to The Onyx Hotel Tour on Showtime. It would make a lot of sense, as it would be the best promo for the upcoming Vegas run. That's what the "secret filming" could have been for...
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  2. Her being on a set filming something with her dancers is not out of thin air. I'm not saying its evidence, but at least there is a basis for the rumors this time. usually there is no basis at all.
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  3. I've just read on Twitter that the new rumour is that there's a duet with either Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani or Xtina coming.

    This is seriuosly getting out of control. These rumors.
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  4. God I would love this. I live for concert specials.
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  5. Would love this to have this too. Those concert specials are always entertaining and great for the legacy, plus she hasn't done one in a long while.
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  6. RainOnFire

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    Hi, please refrain from using text-speak, it's against the rules. Thanks!
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  7. Unbeatable discography, legendary videography.

  8. I would love that
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  9. Britney x Colin Tilley did that. (and Tinashe)

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  10. I kind of forgot Jamie Lynn just had another baby. Are Jamie and Lynn still back together? Do we know?
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  11. Always here for more Zaddy Bryan.
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  12. Her best music video in years.
  13. We could have a Britney Spears' "Happy Birthday" rate at this point.
  14. God she's so fucking HOT.
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  15. Love Me Down Writer

    It's begun.
  16. I feel like she's trolling...
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  17. Oh God again I don't know what to do with my feelings
  18. Just to brighten up your weekends.

    *heart eyes emoji*
  19. These lyrics make no sense.
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  20. I feel like he knows that trolling like that would be asking to be savaged by the entire Britney army on Twitter, but equally I don’t wanna get my hopes up for nothing, ugh
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