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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. I think they should start banning people instead of locking the thread. Just sayin..
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  2. We already attempted this last year and it turned into a 100 page argument about uptempos and midtempos.
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  3. That can just as easliky happen here though as B10 info/rumours start back up... at least the other way it can be contained if you don’t want to be party to it.
  4. We had one but it was locked. I agree with you that there are grounds to support a thread - the new Taylor Swift one was opened and there is absolutely no information whatsoever on her new project.
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  5. Time to unlock it (featuring Kim Petras).
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  6. Don't do Sober like that. It still blows my mind he helped produce that.
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  7. Mixed feelings with Danja since he worked on Man of the Woods and that was so bad.
  8. To be fair in JT’s case... you can’t polish a turd.
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  9. No good ever comes from opening an album thread with no concrete release details, it just becomes a mess over speculation that amounts to nothing and stupid arguments over what they want from an artist.
  10. But why can Miley, Taylor etc all have one and not Britney? Madonna’s 14th album has 700+ pages and no release date.
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  11. That's exactly the reason why she shouldn't have hers open yet. The Glory thread was messy as hell before the album dropped too and after.
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  12. In fairness to the Madonna thread, we have song titles, a brief live performance of a song, on set pics from the album shoot, a list of confirmed collaborators, and even a possible album title. For Britney we have Justin Tranter as the executive producer, Danja has submitted songs for the 4 billionth time, and the knowledge that she's done some sporadic recording. Thats... not much.
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  13. Just don’t really see why the rules should be different for one and not the other... if you didn’t want to be party of said thead until there was a firm release date you’d be able to do that. For those of us that want a place to discuss it we would have it. My point is either there is a rule saying we can’t have a thread before X point in a campaign or there isn’t.
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  14. Did you have that much 700 pages ago?
  15. Sis... relax. You can talk about how excited you are to have Danja's dated shit in this thread just as well as you can in another one. She's on hiatus now anyway. We're not gonna be getting anything anytime soon.
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  16. I’m chill... did Madonna not have a general discussion thread you could discuss 700 pages in?
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  17. Oh my god does it even matter
  18. Chosing Ms Trantor as the executive producer for B10 was the best decision Team Britney could make.
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  19. Case in point.
  20. Are we going to have 700 pages of you whining here?
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