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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. No I’ve moved on, although if you don’t wish for a conversation to go on it’s generally counter productive to reply as that will likely lead to another reply. Have a nice day hun x
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  2. Yeah I am happy to post stuff in the general thread until we hear more from her for her team. It is not as if she is teasing anything yet.
  3. A new thread is great in theory, until you remember that Britney threads are notoriously messy as fuck. No shade. I'm a Britney fan that's escaped much messier forums...exhell, atrl..etc but still best to error on the side of caution and wait. And that's just the tea whether you wanna drink it or not.
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  4. I’ll drink it, didn’t expect a new thread to be as controversial as it was. Thanks for not being rude about it.
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  5. Sometimes when I think about Oops! the song, I don't think it's all that amazing, but when I listen to it I'm like "Holy shit, this is another perfect pop song from her."
  6. I wish Britney would work with Max Martin again. I mean look what he did for Ariana!
  7. I think Britney is past that bright, clean, poppy sound as an artist and as a person. I enjoyed his comeback in Circus and Femme Fatale but I'm eager for her to explore different sounds.
  8. Or she could actually evolve as an artist.
  9. Considering how eager she was to work with new producers for Glory and how she praised them for being a breath of fresh air and how they weren’t jaded yet like some of the more established ones, I doubt we’ll be seeing Max Martin on the next album.
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  10. Yeah I’m not here for Max Martin either... it’ll be kind of cute if she collabs with him one day on a pure nostolagia fest but for her next album, nah.
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  11. How the Britney Army keeps itself entertained during her career break.

  12. LiK


    I kinda just want Britney to work with him so Stans can finally see neither will be able give them their so desired Blackout 2.0.
  13. RMK


    All the '2.0' theories are so ugly in general, though. The idea of an artist forcibly replicating or extending something has always sat weird with me.
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  14. Queen Kacey just gets it.

  15. Miley announced as the first judge on Drag Race, shame the Britney thing wasn’t correct.
  16. God, I miss Britney. It’s only been a month and listening to Glory just now makes me long for new music. Really hope that same amount of passion and commitment is back for the new album. She’s absolutely sublime when she’s firing from all engines.

    It’s so weird to remember that the first Vegas show was supposed to be tomorrow.
  17. Listening to the 2007 podcast sent me reminiscing on all of those mysterious yet exciting times. Britney is truly a national treasure.
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  18. Has Britney ever acknowledged her Grammy? She never attended that year and I don't remember it coming up in interviews
  19. [​IMG]
  20. RMK


    Her impact goes far beyond awards, but the snubs are annoying.

    Blackout deserved every accolade.
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