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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. LMX


    Hard to Forget Ya deserved to be Glory’s lead. Man on the Moon, If I’m Dancing and Change Your Mind deserved single treatment. And in a perfect world Just Like Me would’ve been performed by her wearing this outfit
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  2. No. Make Me was that girl and provided everything we wanted at the time, a contemporary update and sister to Breathe On Me / Touch of My Hand. They dropped the ball with the video and I don't think I'll ever get over it, her best single in years deserved better.
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  3. I thought we had collectively agreed as a forum that the only singles run is Make Me - Slumber Party - Do You Wanna Come Over - Change Your Mind. Facts are facts.
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  4. Make Me was the perfect lead single. It’s everything and more a Britney single needed to be in 2016. The video was literal trash but let’s not do the song dirty.

    Change Your Mind really is the smash that never was. Just look at its Spotify streams. Definitely more than a random album track by Britney would have in 2016.
  5. I love the song and all but sis.
  6. I never really liked Make Me.
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  7. How about this.

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  8. Make Me is definitely one of her best songs. Still sounds so fresh!
  9. Loving all this love for Make Me. It truly is one of her best and who would have thought at that time that she would deliver such a serve? Exactly, nobody. I was literally left bald when I heard the track for the first time. When she goes for the falsetto in the second verse... wig!
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  10. I like it but the song is overrated in my opinion.
  11. They can only market her to these playlists if she makes an effort to make herself look “cooler” to the newer generations. The new gen from what I observe does like her, but aren’t as invested in her as we are.
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  12. The first time I heard Make Me... (Ooh!) (Brazilian Twin Snippet!) I knew we had something special. I love everything about Make Me, and as @timothy_b mentioned it was a huge relief after the run of Ooh La La, Bronson Jupiter, and Pretty Girls.
  13. I maintain Ooh La La and Pretty Girls are harmless, fun bops though.
  14. Pretty Girls was anything but harmless. It turned her into a laughing stock for a good three months.
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  15. Fine, but it’s fun and better than most of Britney Jean. It gave us a nice look for her BBMA performance and a cute Vegas moment, too.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Pretty Girls was a cute little basic bop. Nothing more, nothing less. Let’s not forget that it came with a great video and Britney’s first proper award show performance up until that point.
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  17. Ooh La La was harmless unless it was followed up by Borat Jizzcup and Pretty Girls. It quickly became part of a pattern of shit rather than a one-off soundtrack single.
  18. Pretty Girls is just...not good, and I firmly maintain that the clearly Frankensteined vocal (which looked even worse coming off the back of Bean-O Jaundice) is a big part of that. She at least sounds human on Ooh La La.
  19. I just wish we’d had a couple of fun one-off tracks since Glory. I could have definitely used a Tom’s Dinner last year, preferably around tour time.
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  20. I'll take this radio silence over one-offs with Pitbull. At this point, I'd much prefer that she stays quiet (professionally) until she's ready to drop a new solo lead single. In 2017 or 2018, I'd have loved a track as long as it wasn't with Pitbull as a one-off. Now I'm content to wait for a record.
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