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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. I thought Baby sold like 10 million physical copies
  2. Ugh this aesthetic would have been so good for an album

  3. I need a dominatrix theme for B10.
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  4. This mostly just gives me flashbacks to when Alan Carr wanted her to whip people and say the word “bitch” but Britney just looked hella uncomfortable. Or in other words: I’ll pass.
  5. “You’d better work...beep!”
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  6. Wasn’t he just saying that all the gay jokes about him had been affecting his mental health? Funny how that never seems to apply to Britney.
  7. Not excusing it at all, but isn't that clip from 3-4 years ago?
  8. Yeah, this is 4–5 years old at least. Stan twitter stays dragging up old stuff to drag people with.
  9. It’s impressive how so many of these are from the latter half of her career to date. To be fair that list is a total wall-to-wall-bop-fest. She did that.

    *sits and waits for the inevitable Scream and Shout haters to protest and tell me it’s shit when deep down they know full well they were drenched in black sambuca, reenacting the music video and reciting every will.i.cant terrible lyric like their sweet gay life depended on it when they were ‘wasted in da club’ last weekend.

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  10. LMX


    Scream and Shout is a fat bop
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Scream & Shout was the beginning of the end.
  13. LMX


    This almost sounds like Femme Fatale praise. Growth!!!!
  14. Scream and Shout is awful and it was the beginning of a bizarre decline in quality that to this day baffles me. Every decision made from 2012-2015 is a true mystery. It was like the artist and the machine that surrounds her (label, management, producers) found themselves in a complete identity crisis when there was no reason to suddenly be so lost. If she was invested in the album and truly wanted ~something more urban~ than get her in the studio with Mike Will Made It like you were with your other client and get her her own We Can't Stop or Body Party. If she just needed music out and she didn't really give a fuck about it either way then fly Max out to LA and make Femme Fatale 2.0 and score some more radio hits. DO NOT have a dated, thrown together in 5 minutes album produced by's flunkies with phony writing credits and a ghost singer!
  15. THIS
  16. The only real issue I have with Britney circa 2012-2015 is tracks 4-8 on Britney Jean. Everything else during that time was (and remains) perfectly serviceable.
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  17. I just don’t think they grasped how strenuous it was going to be to simultaneously put together a residency and an album. And then when all the producers pulled out they panicked and that’s when things became so dire. They easily could have pulled the plug, but they didn’t.
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  18. I've never believed this. Has there been any reliable info about this other than some person on here who claimed to be an insider? Because it makes no sense. Britney wasn't gonna promote it so they didn't want her to have it... when she hadn't been promoting her music for years and they were still hits? This was 2013. She'd just come off 4 of her biggest hits ever without doing much for any of them beyond a video. But she couldn't keep songs because she wouldn't perform at the American Music Awards? That doesn't add up. It would make sense now that producers would be hesitant to give her their best when they could send it to Ariana. It doesn't make sense for early 2013 when Britney was still hot on US radio.
  19. Yeah, if producers came through in 2016 after Britney Jean and Pretty Girls, I don't see why they wouldn't have in 2013.
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