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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Wait but Chillin' with You is track 9...
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  2. Ooh girl, you really bop to Chillin' With You and Don't Cry over Tik Tik Boom and Passenger?
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  3. OK, some of y'all need to drink some white/red wine and get to walking on the sky before the inevitable Chillin' With You lashings have a chance to take off.
    An uncomfortable, awkward bop!
  4. Leave Don’t Cry and it’s croaking vocal alone. It’s a decent fluff track.
  5. I remain bopping, every single day.
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  6. I mean, it does line up, and stranger things have certainly happened behind closed doors that may not make any sense to us. We heard about all these producers onboard and suddenly none of them were to be found. There’s no other explanation for why they were suddenly left with no material and had to rush record after “Work Bitch” had been released. Larry himself said they only had 5 songs recorded at that point... for a project they started several months prior, and I’m sure all that rushing is why Britney never had time to record any of the vocals herself and why they were still taking songs at the last minute. I don’t buy that they didn’t know how much of a task it’d be to plan a show and record an album at once because it’s something they’ve done so many times, it should be effortless.
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  7. I also think Scream and Shout is shit. However, for whatever reason, is one of they few people Britney seems to actually feel comfortable with personally (others being Mario Lopez, and to lesser extent, Ryan Secrest and Ellen). It was likely a choice she made to continue with him for Britney Jean. And he just didn’t seem to care enough.
  8. Eh, she’s a fan of his work, but she also said during the Glory era that she didn’t have much say when it came to how her past two albums came together, so I’m not sure if she really decided on her own to continue working with him. Britney’s team likely wanted to capitalize on the success of “Scream & Shout” by bringing him on, and thankfully she was a fan, so it wasn’t a hard sell.

    There were actual interesting names attached at that point, like Dev Hynes, Naughty Boy, Starsmith, Emeli Sande, Charli XCX, more from Jean-Baptiste who worked on “Scream & Shout”, and more from William Orbit – all confirmed to be on board and working on material. So you really have to wonder where all that material went once “Work Bitch” was released and then suddenly Larry is out here telling Billboard they only have 5 songs recorded, despite the fact that Britney had been in the studio for months prior.

    Fans like to blame, but this failure of an album ultimately falls on the laps of Britney’s team and the record label.
  9. If the producers pulling out had any truth to it, it’s more likely they pulled out probably when they realized Britney barely had any time to record vocals herself or her team just looked like a mess that era. That could’ve been a much bigger pop music scandal than it was (they’re lucky it wasn’t) and the producer would get so much flack for it.
  10. I think it’s definitely true that they pulled out. The reasons why may be debatable, but even Naughty Boy and Dev Hynes briefly spoke about their experiences working with her team and, well, read between the lines...

    Dev Hynes:

  11. The thought of her working with Dev Hynes still keeps me up at night. I just know it would be magic.
  12. I’d read this more as her team was a mess that’s why they pulled out.

    Her team’s worry on “won’t make money off this” is weird though because as @Drew said, she was still a major hitmaker in 2013 — an impressive feat considering she held her own with the new generation of female pop stars when even Beyoncé then was struggling on pop radio.

    Maybe Brit really was in a delicate financial situation after the Femme Fatale Tour (I know it still made millions but then we don’t know the costs involved with the tour)? Which would explain that they chilled out more during the Glory era on spending for the best producers when Vegas was a runaway hit.

    That or her team back then was just greedy as fuck and didn’t care about producing quality music at all if it didn’t give them astronomic returns right away.
  13. The Queen of Clean has spoken! Was literally just watching her CBB best bits 12 hours ago. The coincidence!

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  14. Well if artists have a successful era, it’s not surprising that the label or whoever would want to continue that streak, so their worry would make sense, especially since Britney was now in her 30s. And going back to that Larry Rudolph interview he gave when “Work Bitch” was released, he basically said was brought on because of the public reception (“Scream & Shout” being a hit), so they were definitely in a frame of mind where they wanted to be as commercial and successful as possible.
  15. Wasn't Britney snapped carrying Black Eyed Peas CDRs for years before. She was in stan mode.
  16. But then she’s also said her past few albums, pre Glory, she’s had no control and been told what to have and do. I firmly believe the Will.I.Am on Britney Jean was well out of her control.

    Britney and Dev would work brilliantly, I remember the supposed demos he did reaching soundcloud and they were wild.

    Down with Larry etc etc etc etc.
  17. But isn't it funny to say she didn't have time to record her own vocals when so many producers have repeatedly said over the years, how quick she is with the recording process? Like, imagine how quick Hands was recorded and released (OK it's not a solo song but still).
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  18. She liked the Black Eyed Peas and she liked The Dutchess and used to request songs from it back when she was clubbing in 06/07. I have no trouble believing she was fine with working with Will. I can believe that producers pulled their songs because Team Britney was being a pain in the ass. I don't believe they pulled them because she wouldn't promote them, which was what we were told by someone here. Thats what I believe is complete B.S.

    Also what she said on Jonathan Ross was from almost all accounts that her "albums were basically presented to her finished" and all she had to do was lay down vocals. While I'm sure she was 100% expressing that she got to be more involved with Glory, I also think some of you disregard other info we have to paint as bad a picture as possible. We know from people involved that her own taste was being taken into consideration. Fraser T. Smith said he was asked to work on Femme Fatale specifically because Britney liked another song he had produced (presumably Break Your Heart). There's also all the vaguely religious vibes that much of Britney Jean has and I 100% believe that was because she gravitated towards those songs, whether she ended up taking the recording sessions seriously or not. Like, knowing Britney's taste in music and having witnessed her instagram over the last 4 years or so does anyone really believe Britney doesn't like Perfume? Don't Hold On Tight and Brightest Morning Star seem exactly like the shit Britney would love? I think so. said early on Britney was really into the Diplo stuff he was playing her, and in fact we did end up with a Diplo song on the album. Its just a mystery why that Diplo song wasn't one produced specifically for her and instead was a song Katy Perry didn't want anymore.

    TL;DR - 2 things can be true at once: her albums could have been presented to her as fleshed out demos just waiting for her vocals, and they also could have taken into consideration the people she liked and they could still be songs she liked.
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  19. I said just that:

    We have Larry quoted basically saying this himself. I don’t think anyone is trying to say they locked Britney in a studio and told her to sing (or maybe they are since Britney fans love a good conspiracy). I don’t even necessarily believe she was handed albums fully put together for her, especially with Femme Fatale, where she was still working closely with Teresa LaBarbera Whites before Luke was ever involved. I imagine Britney was into anything she agreed to record, and maybe choices were made after the fact regarding what songs made it and that’s about it.

    As far as the producers pulling out of Britney Jean, we heard that from more than one source, which is why I’m pretty sure most came to the conclusion years ago that was the most logical reason Team B were left scrambling for material. Only one person said it was due to differences in how the album would be promoted, but the overall reason for the mess was still the same.
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  20. That wasn't specifically in response to you. When I started writing my essay I thought it would be directly below a post saying they firmly believe she had no control over Will on Britney Jean.
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