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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Hopefully yes.
  2. The hot mum from Stranger Things <3
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  3. She looks pretty but it's typical Randee flatness, it's so uninteresting. Randee belongs at the mall taking glamour shots of bored housewives starting a Tinder profile.
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  4. Should have used the V shoot for the Glory artwork.

  5. Those fan made covers using the V shoot are awful. The cover we got isn’t great, but it’s better than those.
  6. How? It's literally her best and most interesting photoshoot since the 2000s. Would've made a great cover for sure.
  7. He said the fan made covers are shit. The photo shoot itself must be one of the most universally loved of her ever?
  8. It's what happens when you get a professional shooting Britney and not her friend down the street who normally does weddings.
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  9. Most are. I quite like the one of her suspended in mid air though.
  10. Hold On Tight is one of my favorite Britney songs ever.
  11. Bold statement.
  12. I like the Japanese Tour Edition with the orange background. It's a nicer photo, bright and less flat compared to the glorified screenshot we ended up with. The colours remind me of sunset and I think they suit the theme of "glory".
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  13. The Lion King <3
  14. Mario Testino is just amazing. They really need to get him for any album photoshoots.
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  15. Yeah, none of the fan made covers look good. The Japan Tour Edition is actually a great cover and the only one that actually works.
  16. Well, probably won’t happen now after those sexual assault allegations against him
  17. One of the only good songs on Brittany Jean.
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  18. This is worse than the actual album
  19. Whenever someone refers to Britney as Brittany I always think of this:

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