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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Was just about tho post this. Womanizer's impact is real
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  2. I literally want this now. I still love and wear Prerogative all the time.
  3. I wear Prerogative every day.

    Yes because I'm a stan but I also really like it. It stays all day and does get a bit more masc when it's sat a bit.
  4. She actually sang live for most of the dates on the Oops tour.

    From what I understand they only used the pre-recorded vocals for the televised shows (probably so she could focus on the dancing).
  5. I love the Oops tour, but I wish it was fully lipped like Dream Within a Dream.
  6. These ladies definitely worked. Who knew that Work Bitch would become one of her signature songs back when it was released? A classic!

  7. Lets hope Work Bitch doesn't become even more of a classic in years to come because someone's gonna get upset about being in the shadows and is gonna blow Britney's spot up.
  8. I'm sure team B has taken care of that. It's not a coincidence Anthony Preston hasn't touched a major pop album since.
  9. I love that she knows full well just how awful her Billboard Awards 2000 outfit was.

    "It and it had a really bad hat and a big feather in it, and it was just really wrong."

    I mean...

    Self-aware queen.
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  10. Okay but this outfit is iconic?
  11. It would have been fine without the 70s pimp hat.
  12. Same. Still furious I can't use it.
  13. See, now that made me giggle.
  14. Sam is insanely hot.
  15. I mean, you can?

  16. The sheer charisma she has on stage. Also the In the Zone corsets need to come back.
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  17. This just leaked. A great song on a shitty album.

  18. ‘A great song’’s objectively bad minus the lyrics.
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  19. Just realized that going by the instrumental alone it's very How I Roll 2.0.
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