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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Ehhh, it's nothing special.
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  3. One of the decent songs on that album.
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  4. It's a cute electronic pentecostal christian pop song and so is Hold On Tight. Britney Jean is a horrific album but it has a tiny handful of cute songs.
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  5. Til Tik Boom is about a love for the Lord so great, it feels as if it would explode out of you
  6. Been getting so much life to My Prerogative today.

    Still such a moment I love her aggressive vocal on the chorus and that middle 8 is everything.

    They say I'm crazy!!!
  7. So this is happening

    I wonder if Britney would ever reach out to work with her again
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  8. Even though I am perfectly satisfied with Karen if she returns, securing Teresa would be a big coup for Britney and for B10. It would also be incredibly difficult however as the article points too, with every major pop star in the game right now clamoring to get her.
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  9. Even though Teresa is incredibly talented, I feel like Karen has a fresher take (since she's younger). I mean I would be just as happy with either of them.
  10. I feel like Karen would be a better fit with Ariana (since she's younger).
  11. Nn I wasn’t going to say anything. I don’t think age plays any factor here, rather how well the person working with Britney understands what she wants. Karen has obviously proven to be capable, but so has Teresa, probably even more so, since she was in contact with Britney at a point when nobody else was. It’s clear she’s trusted.

    Definitely hope one of them comes back.

    Britney has an advantage that most artists don’t have if she ever wanted to work with her again, and that’s the fact that Teresa completely adores her, since she’s really the only other person she’s worked with extensively after Beyoncé.
  12. I think you're forgetting this pop television style? icon:

  13. Honestly with some rejigging and if all the vocals were 100% Britney's Britney Jean would not be a terrible album. Would it be Britney's best/most creative? Not at all, but I recently created the following playlist and it really is a pretty enjoyable workout soundtrack. Also there really are more personal sounding/feeling songs on it considering Circus and Femme Fatale preceded it.

    Britney Jean
    1. Work Bitch
    2. Scream & Shout Feat Will.I.Am
    3. Ooh La La
    4. Perfume
    5. Passenger
    6. Tik Tik Boom Feat T.I
    7. Pretty Girls Feat Iggy Azalea
    8. It Should Be Easy Feat Will.I.Am
    9. Body Ache
    10. Til It's Gone
    11. Hold On Tight
    12. Brightest Morning Star
    13. Now That I Found You
    14. Alien.

    Heavy on the features but really not the dirge some people make it out to be.
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  14. It would still be a terrible album.
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  15. It's an irredeemable album, and I don't really see a point in trying to salvage it when there's so much actual good material in her discography.
  16. I still to this day couldn't tell you what half of the songs on Britney Jean sound like. I think my brain literally rejected that entire album and was just like "no".
  17. I’m a bit conflicted about Team Britney getting Teresa back (if that’s even on their mind right now). Although Lemonade was a masterpiece as a project, I’ve been consistent in saying it’s not one of my favorite Bey albums in terms of soundscape. I actually prefer the way Glory’s sounds were put together by Karen. Her work on 4 was amazing though.
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  18. Nah even if it had 100% of Britney's vocals I feel the songs sound really outdated on arrival.

    I guess Passenger, Body Ache and Til It's Gone could have worked.

    It Should Be Easy shouldn't exist, how do you make Britney's vocals that bad? Tik Tik Boom gets jarring after a few listens and Now That I Found You is an inferior song that it rips off.
  19. The Britney Jean era gave us two of her best bops ever, Work Bitch and Scream & Shout, at least there's that. the rest is mediocre at best.
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