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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. A few pages back, I know, but why is this giving me The Sims soundtrack?
  2. I’m so thirsty for one of those rare “Britney in the studio” pictures.
  3. I actually believe Womanizer is a song she could easily sing live because it utilizes her lower register, especially on the verses.

    Followed by the Brazilian stans trying to read whatever lyric sheet is in front of her and pretty much everyone on this forum dragging Britney for the menthol cigarettes in plain sight on the picture.
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  4. What do you mean?
  5. Britney’s shrill-produced vocal really distracts from this bare bones production.
  6. “The pics are cool because my boyfriend took the footage” is the new “these jeans are cool because they’re faded”.

  7. In her early records Madonna was forced by the label to sing higher than her natural range to sound “younger” (she was an ancient 24!). I don’t think the baby voice is really natural for anyone - its a misperception of youth that people thought was required to sell records to kids. The idea seems quite antiquated now when you look at how much things have changed - the younger pop stars like Lorde or Billie Ellish etc. and how people consume music. Kids buying CDs is no longer where money is made. This voice is hard to do live because it’s not natural to her.
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  8. This certainly isn't 4k but it is the best quality I've seen of this performance.

  9. Literally thank you so much. The hours over the years I’ve spent searching for a better quality version... wheww. What a performance.
  10. Could you post the link?

  11. Miley really is the ultimate stan.

  12. We love the longest campaign of her career

  13. They literally filmed more setups for the Prerogative promos than they did for the Make Me video that we got.
  14. In the Zone vinyl pre-order is coming this week
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  15. My bank account just screamed
  16. Is that actually true? I just cant imagine Madonna submit to that
  17. It's happening. Then we will get Blackout!
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  18. Wasn't 'forced', it was something the producers did and it worked.
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  19. Brit serving Cock Destroyers once more yas.
  20. She attended Brad Pitt’s new movie premiere.
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