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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Shattered Glass just ends too abruptly.
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  2. Love this! All those amazing bops just reminded me that I'm really craving new Britney music. I've also missed 5 songs...
    Dear Diary
    Tik Tik Boom
    That's Where You Take Me
    Don't Cry
    I Will Still Love You
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  3. Shattered Glass, Mannequin and Lace And Leather just have that unfinished charm, and two of the songs are just so short and sweet.

    I guess proving true that Larry said they deceided to put together songs she was recording for fun in an album.
  4. I remember loving Mannequin back in 08/09 and being really upset that it wasn't chosen as a single but it just sounds like noise nowadays. Lace and Shattered Glass are still gems tho.
  5. “Mannequin” is a still a 10/10 for me. I can see how people think it sounds “unfinished” but it’s so cold and disjointed that it works. Reminds me of something early experimental electronic acts would release in the early 80s (just with a very 2009 beat backing it up).

    “Shattered Glass” lost it’s charm for me. It just plods along for me now.

    Kill The Lights, and Lace and Leather are hot garbage still.
  6. I missed 3 songs. Very fun video, thanks to the original poster for sharing!
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  7. Right? I realized that too. I really really hope everything will work out and we can get something next year.
    No problem!
  8. The way she perfectly looks at the camera tho.


    When she's not being awkward/self-conscious she just shines in front of a camera.
  9. She's a star, plain and simple. The way she turns it on for that Oops b-roll footage on the My Prerogative DVD will never not be amazing to me.
  10. Hey so I was wondering, is there a chance that the seasons of Micky Mouse Club with her/Christina/Justin, etc. are on Disney+?
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  11. Messed up on 5 songs:
    I Run Away (got caught up singing it before I realised I was meant to guess the song)
    Tik Tik Boom (no loss really)
    I Will Still Love You
    That's Where You Take Me
    Outta This World
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  12. It has one.


    Did I wake you
    Were you sleeping


    Was it really worth it?
    Was she everything


    You're gonna see me in your dreams tonight
    My face is gonna haunt you all the time
    I promise you gon' want me back
    When your world falls apart
    Like shattered gla-ee-ass
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  13. Agree to disagree! Sonically, "Like shattered gla-ee-ass" is the chorus insofar as everything else builds toward it, including the "You're gonna see me..." section.
  14. This! The final version doesn't flow in sync with the melody the way demo does. It's sung or done differently where it just doesn't capture the vibe of the song.
  15. Not me getting all of them right before the 3-2-1 countdown for each track even started. General of the Britney Army here I come!
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  16. Shattered Glass is fucking phenomenal but it needs one more repetition of the bridge with a different melody and a repetition of the chorus, preferably modulated up like her early Max Martin tracks to achieve perfection. The attitude and grit remind me of Can't Make You Love Me, one of my most favorite Brit album tracks ever.
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  17. I really love how smooth and sweet her vocals are on Shattered Glass, especially when it’s played loud. If you just listen to her voice, you really get pulled into the song. But yes, it finishes too early.
  18. This would have made a brilliant single mix.

    This quasi-Hold it Against Me mash-up is also cute.

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  19. I was hoping that she was quietly recording behind the scenes but that confirms that nothing is happening at the moment (maybe until after the c-ship hearing next year?).
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