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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Sis
  2. I'd love for her to work with Max again on the next album. A 20 year full circle moment.
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  3. Oop, havent seen it yet. What is she actually?
  4. Watch it.
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  5. You’ll have a good laugh when you find out.
  6. Bless this woman...

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  7. The other day, I was reading a discussion on Reddit about 2000's MTV dating shows (Next, Room Raiders, Date My Mom) and my mind rewinded back to Becoming when regular kids could play their favorite popstars in almost perfectly recreated music videos, in particular this girl Kristen's take on B1MT.

  8. The woman in the photo is not in the documentary, but the person you’re referring to is not Doc’s wife, or wives, but a much more important problematic icon.
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  9. Can any kind soul tell me where I might find a nice quality version of the Piece of Me mv? The Youtube and Itunes versions are horrible... thanks!
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  11. In peak quarantine boredom I went through some of my own Piece of Me videos as well as some out there on Insta and Youtube and made this:

    Tbh for me it shows that other than the ponytail fixing her dancing / stage presence didn't decrease from the peak of 2016 to the summer tour in 2018.
  12. I used to love this show! One of the best things about it was how it always showed that being a star wasn’t just about learning a certain dance routine or wearing the right clothes but about having it. Having that unmistakable star quality. It really celebrated artists in that regard.
  13. I’m desperate for some kind of Hallucinate mash up with Lace & Leather. After that mammoth chorus “cotton candy kiss red lips bitch is dangerous” fits soooo well.
  14. Me in lockdown craving any and all physical intimacy
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  15. I see her incorporating the Make Me choreo into her workouts.

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  16. You know it’s the other way around.
  17. Don't think I've ever seen this performance.

    It's cool how they filmed it three times and edited the whole thing together.
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  18. It's now just hitting me that it might be.. sometime before the next album. Starting to miss her bad. It doesn't help that she's such a positive force on social media, radiant, upbeat queen.
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