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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Breakfast2, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. I was *SO* sure that this was wrong, I had to go and look at it up. I was shocked that neitherthe Baby or Oops albums hit #1, I remember them being huge at the time.

    Britney Jean peaked at #34. Ouch.
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  2. <its_what_she_deserves.gif>
  3. Well I agree, it was crap, but didn't want to upset anybody.

    Still absolutely love her first 3 albums, plus "Blackout"
  4. In The Zone, Blackout, and Femme Fatale are my favorite Britney albums if I’m being honest, and I stanned her from Day 1! Those three are the only albums from her that I don’t feel the need to skip anything on.
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  5. I am surprised it even topped the top 40 but here we are.
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  6. Work Bitch, ha impact!
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  7. Britney discovering and subsequently stanning I Believe In A Thing Called Love by the Darkness before our very eyes is everything. I love her in this.

    I remember 2003 me so willing her to love Innocent Eyes (Delta's debut album was and remains a masterpiece). I blame the CD for skipping during her all-important first listen!
  8. Not sure if this is true, but I hopeso

  9. Reign Deer was absorbed into Guy Oseary's Maverick in 2014.
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  10. Oh wow. Glad she told them to fuck off.
  11. He


    Ddd what a racket.
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  12. upu


    It's sound so...lame.
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  13. "I heard you singing you're back, and your mind seems right and I can't even lie to you, your body still drives me wild."

    Really Justin?
  14. If I have to look up the lyrics because I can't comprehend anything, it's shit. Those lyrics are just a big heaping of cherries on top of a raw and alarmingly salty cake.
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  15. The sound is very 2008, so at the time it probably would've done quite well. But what ARE those lyrics - what a pair of jerks.
  16. It makes it even better that Britney stood them up and then had such massive success on her own with Circus
  17. With a song called "Womanizer." Oop.
  18. She left them high and dry twice. Blackout was when she just didn't show up and pissed Timbaland off. Thats when he went on the radio and said Gimme More wouldn't be a hit (despite the fact that his own protege produced it). Then for Circus Lynne said they were going to record a duet together (which I guess is the song in question) but evidently Britney turned them down again.
  19. This is absolute garbage.
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