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General Britney Spears Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. In my all time top ten favourite Britney songs, with Invitation, Unsual You, Heaven On Earth and Don't Hang Up. Etherealney is my favourite.
  2. This is the actual name of a Britney playlist of mine.
  3. RMK


    Her discography just has so many layers. I've been stanning for years but I'll never not be over it.
  4. Speaking of Etherealney...another all-time fave:

    Heavenly. What a queen.
  5. Invitation
    Unusual You
    Heaven on Earth
    Don't Hang Up
    Trip To Your Heart
    And Then We Kiss
    Touch of My Hand
    Outta this World

    An Ethereal-ney playlist!
  7. This probably fits more on a dark, edgy Britney playlist along with Shadow and Get Naked! Couldn't think of any other "dark" songs of hers though
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  8. Breathe On Me
    My Baby
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  10. I love this. I have most of these on my "Britney - Mellow" playlist, which I am now renaming... embarrassed by my lack of creativity. This is my full playlist:

    Just Luv Me
    Make Me (Solo Version)
    Man on the Moon
    Before the Goodbye
    That's Where You Take Me
    I Run Away
    Over To You Now
    And Then We Kiss
    Breathe on Me
    Touch of My Hand
    Everytime (Hi-Bias Radio Mix)
    Don't Hang Up
    Strangest Love
    Love Is A State of Grace
    Heaven on Earth
    Perfect Lover
    Trip To Your Heart
    He About To Lose Me
    Criminal (Single Mix)
    Unusual You
    Out From Under
    Tom's Diner
    Mood Ring

    It has some flow issues, so if anyone has suggestions on how to move things around, I am all ears!
  11. I really wish State of Grace and Sugarfall (Hooked On) made it onto Blackout.

    She really could have a great album of unreleased songs / b-sides.
  12. RMK


    I would've been welcome to any unreleased track making it over Everybody. Does anyone.. Actually listen to it?
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  13. Well, this list is way more comprehensive than mine! And I credit Ethereal-ney to @Runawaywithme and @lushLuck first. Let me go revisit Tom's Diner
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  14. State of Grace is probably my favorite Britney outtake. I was really surprised it didn't make the final album, at least as a bonus track since Britney was such a fan of Breathe On Me (same producer).
  15. I also had it called Melancholney at one point.
  16. The fact that JR Rotem bragged in interviews about how he had sex with Britney should have been enough to keep that song locked in a vault forever.
  17. J.R. Rotem is the worst, but I have the HQ version of this song on one of my gym playlists for cardio. The album version has more bass than the demo version, so it helps get me pumped.

    "Everybody" is a mediocre song, but it's fun. I also like the "Fellas get wild, start flashing your money . . . let go of the way things used to be" breakdown that Britney apparently added, because it shows her personality and you can tell that she wrote it.
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  18. Britney's rap is indeed the best part, but on the whole Everybody is a skip and a complete outlier from the rest of the era where pretty much everything she touched was musical gold.
  19. EEWWWWWWW! Say it ain’t so! She banged that cross eyed weirdo? Must’ve been an act of charity for her.
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