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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. RMK


    If Everybody was on the standard it would've been, like, that song to drag down the score. The standard edition is such an experience - arguably every track is above an 8. Get Back could be thrown in there too; Interesting to think that was a potential lead single choice, and then got bonus treatment.
  2. Blackout and Femme Fatale are her tightest and most consistent albums.
  3. Glory? In The Zone?
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  4. RMK


    They're great, but pending on your taste toward Private Show, What You Need, and Clumsy, you may see some obvious lows though. Femme Fatale and Blackout are more even across the board - Like, never letting up.

    I'd really have to ponder the weakest track on Blackout's standard edition.
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  5. I would argue for Blackout and In The Zone. I absolutely love Femme Fatale but I skip How I Roll, Big Fat Bass and the latter half of Drop Dead Beautiful (starting at Sabi's rap) every time.
  6. Why do people forget Oops? It was her most consistent album until Blackout.

    In The Zone is great but it doesn’t really flow as well as Oops, and I also hate Shadow.
  7. Aww, I love Shadow. I think it's prime Vulnerable-ney.

    I would imagine Oops gets overlooked because (at this point) it feels like one of her less "adult" offerings. I also think there are a slew of songs on there that range from mediocre to terrible. I personally don't care for Satisfaction, Lucky, Girl in the Mirror, Dear Diary or Heart...
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  8. Can’t Make You Love Me is everything.
  9. Oops!
    In The Zone

    Her best, and most cohesive, collections. Not a flaw to be detected on any of them.
  10. Cohesiveness /=/ quality, y’all... In The Zone completely crushes Femme Fatale.
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  11. Agreed. Bovine Journey is consistently bad.

    Oops as a whole is both cohesive and great. It's the refinement of the sound she debuted with and it flows nicely from start to finish. In The Zone might have higher highs, but I don't think Me Against The Music, Boom Boom, Showdown go together as well as Oops, Stronger, Don't Go Knockin' On My Door. I'd also argue that the run from Toxic to Everytime is disjointed, even if it is book ended by 2 of her best songs and biggest hits in her catalogue.
  12. One of Britney’s biggest strengths is being a bonafide pop chameleon so I do prefer In The Zone and Glory, which really showcase that.
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  13. In the Zone is many things. Cohesive is not one of them.

    Femme Fatale is also high quality so I'm not sure where that criticism is coming from.
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  14. I disagree. It’s been said in this thread before, but despite not having any sort of specific sound, there’s an overall vibe with the In The Zone album in which every track just fits. The collection has a flow from start to finish that really works for some odd reason. Britney & Circus, in comparison, just feel all over the place....all great, but disjointed.
  15. I'm not fond of ranking or ordering things, but unquestionably Britney's most cohesive albums are Blackout and Femme Fatale. In The Zone is in fact (as Larry loves to say) her Ray of Light. It's her truest artistic statement. I'd say it is probably her most "complete" body of work, but it doesn't have the "Could be one giant Megamix" quality that Blackout and Femme Fatale have.

    Circus and Britney are absolutely her most disjointed albums. Glory is somewhere between cohesive/creative and kind of falls in its own category between Blackout/Femme Fatale and In The Zone.

    Oops! is actually better with the US tracklist. The international version contains songs that were b-sides for a reason. ...Baby is very typical "singes and filler", although I consider it to be quite strong in its own right. Very much a showcase for a new vocalist finding her sound.
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  16. Britney
    In the Zone

    The only trilogy that makes sense.
  17. In the Zone
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  18. That's my Top 3, and in order too. But 'Glory' is a very close fourth.

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  19. Imagine not having Glory in your top 3. Can’t be me!
  20. I think that could be my top 3 as well. Blackout and Britney are definitely top 2 for me. Britney has been my #1 album since forever but Blackout is getting very close.
    In The Zone is amazing but I love Oops so much that I would pick that as #3.
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