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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Kirkland, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. This casting is radical but will it restore the show's fortunes? They have so much going against them in terms of public reception outside the fan bubble. I hope Jodie succeeds, but with Chris Chibnall as could go either way. This could end up being another Ghostbusters (which was brilliant but destroyed by pure negativity before it got a chance to get off the ground).
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  2. Were you also upset when they made Spiderman black?
    So? The only people who need time to get used to it are the people who have an issue with women, specifically a woman playing their precious white male hero. The issue is they think women are less-than and can't wrap their tiny minds around the fact a woman can fly the tardis/save the world. There's literally no justifiable reason to be upset about this, nobody can articulate anything that isn't ultimately rooted in misogyny, no matter HOW you dress it up as not wanting to be patronised or whatever ("people are too politically correct" teas).
  3. This is a show that was created by the BBC's first ever female producer. From day one it has been about diversity, acceptance and most importantly, change. It's intrinsic to its DNA.
  4. Nah it just comes down to "character who has been male for 54 years is now going to be female for the first time". Of course this is a big deal. It's new ground. People are SHOOK. Let them be. It doesn't make them monsters.

    I'm not upset? I've already said I'm an open minded fan and I'm cautiously optimistic for a new era. I've never felt a strong urge for the Doctor to be female, but I've always wondered what it would be like. Very glad it isn't Kris Marshall, I hope he doesn't turn out to be a companion or The Master.

    I'm a bit hit and miss when it comes to other characters taking on the mantle of established superheroes, as it turns their secret identity into little more than a part time job. Miles Morales is cool and I love Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, but I can't help but see Jane Foster Thor as anything but a She-Ra clone. It's all about the writing I guess.

    Edit: I'm mostly glad that it's not a twenty something prettyboy.
  5. The issue won't be a genuine fan backlash but whatever misogynist corner of the Internet that decides that Doctor Who is their latest battleground. If people are willing to quit watching because the Doctor presents as a femme then they aren't real fans?

    Jodie is going to have to be twice as good and face twice as much criticism for every aspect of her performance. Good luck to her, it's going to be a tough journey.
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  6. I've just seen someone comment 'there are no other male role models on TV' The arrogance of men never fails to astound.
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  7. I'm surprised they went this direction straight after Capaldi, assumed they'd go for a 'Tennant'/'Smith' type for 13 then go for a woman.

    Be interesting to see if this soars or flops.
  8. I like how people are like 'How can a WOMAN convincingly face down Daleks or command respect of an alien race?' and all I wanna do is spam a hundred 'Buffy' gifs all over the Internet.
  9. LOVE this news! I'm so thrilled and I cannot wait to see what she will be like. Season 11 will be the first time I will be watching the series as it airs, and I couldn't be more excited!
  10. I wouldn't say the Doctor is "presenting as femme", they regenerated into a woman for the first time. I imagine future incarnations will play around with the notion of gender and identity further, which could be very freeing, inspirational and exciting if handled properly.

    I completely agree with that last part. Thank goodness modern Who is built on a foundation of brave, resourceful and diverse women.
  11. Since he hasn't been cast as The Doctor, can we have Sacha Dhawan as the companion?
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  12. I'm in the no-to-a-female Doctor camp because I think it's just a silly, gimmicky thing to canonise that doesn't make a whole lot of sense within the reality of the show.

    Happy with this choice though and excited nonetheless to see what new direction it takes. I have no idea what she'll be like as the Doctor, but I have a baseless sense that she could be brilliant. It's a risk though and I just hope it's fantastic and they don't fuck it up.

    (And it goes without saying, but a 1000x better choice than Kris Marshall)
  13. It's just a bit ZZZ and obvious that he's cast a Broadchurch star. Maxine Peake would have been all kinds of amazing!
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  14. Also, again it goes without saying, but just think: if they pull it off well, how exciting will future regenerations be? The pool of potentials will be so much larger and it'll be a whole new level of guessing games. I do LOVE that we won't know each time what sex the Doctor will be.
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  15. BTG


    Oh, so now them writing out Bill so definitively despite the fact the character was working well makes sense. Cue pretty male companion next series. Yath.
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  16. I don't even watch the show, but I'm happy there'll be a female doctor.
  17. I've never seen an episode of Doctor Who in my entire life, but I'm going to start now. Fucking brilliant.
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  18. I wonder how many of the people complaining about the Doctor being female actually watch the show. I think many of them are just seeing an opportunity to complain about feminism.
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  19. I would love to see Bill come back for the new series. In fact I would have loved to see her reaction to The Doctor changing before her eyes. Clara was a bit blasé with it all, which made sense considering she knew all about regeneration - but it was less exciting for the audience, because there's no drama.
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  20. I'd like her to wear a suit and tie. Screw with the minds of the audience. Jodie, dress like Marlene Dietrich and show Zayn and Gigi the true meaning of 'gender fluid' with your regenerative powers.
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