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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Kirkland, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. The General changed sex in Hell Bent as well:
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  2. Yeah I sort of hope they'd keep the companion female because it would be great to see the dynamic between the two, but I understand that they'd want the companion to be male to ensure a 'balance'.
  3. I'm here for 2 companions again tbh.
  4. I'm fairly sure this was done on-screen specifically to annoy the people who said that Missy wasn't really The Master
  5. This is what I think they'll do, a man and woman. I really can't see them making it so female driven as to just have a woman companion.

    Anyway, I've never seen Jodie in anything but this is great news!
  6. The new Doctor has infuriated the guy the Abzorbaloff was based on.
  7. Ugh his wikipedia is such an amusing read.
  8. This is going to be such a radical change. A young female/male duo travelling through time and space with the female being the 'know it all' who the story focuses on and and the male being the eye candy.

    This is.........different to Nu Who Series 1-7.....?
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  9. It's about time.


    And anyway, wasn't Romana II (even Romana I?) a Time Lord, back in the 70s episodes? Plenty of female peers of the Doctor in the 80s Trial Of A Timelord too. People throwing hissy, sexist fits just haven't been paying attention.

    (I've always liked Jodie Whittaker as an actress, right back to the early 00s ITV drama stuff).
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  10. I'm really shocked, never did I imagine the BBC had balls to do this. I checked out of the show during Matt's era and never could get back into it, but this move has me GAGGING to watch.
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  11. Was looking up some of her stuff and the stuff from Antigone in 2012 convinced me

    Also weird how she has worked with 2 previous doctors
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  12. In 24 hours, the show has firmly re-established itself into the public consciousness in a way it hasn't done since the heady days of Season 4.

    I remember the week after the airing of The Stolen Earth. I couldn't go anywhere with people discussing it!
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  13. People were talking about it in work today for the first time since the Tennant days too. This is going to be good. It already feels exciting in a way that Doctor Who hasn't for a very long time.
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  14. Slightly off-topic, but was anyone else surprised that the actor playing the Doctor 'only' gets paid between 200-250k per season? Given how much the show must generate for BBC worldwide, that seems a pretty modest sum.
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  16. Peter Davidson has said the cast of Dame Jodie represents a loss of male role models....

    Fucking idiot.
  17. Colin Baker isn't having Davidson's spiel.

  18. This makes me even more proud that Colin Baker is my Doctor!

    He has to be someone's...
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