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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Kirkland, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. UNIT was always funded by the United Nations (hence the "UN" in UNIT - in the classic series anyway), but I suppose we shouldn't let that stand in the way of a good joke.
  2. I think that was scrapped in the new series ("Unified") but by The Stolen Earth changed back? Fuck knows!
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  3. I feel like the episode would have been more effective if it was Yaz who had the Dalek controlling her at the start, y’know since she works for the police
  4. It might have actually made her character more interesting. I hope somewhere in Season 12 they either buckle down and develop Yaz or they jettison her and Ryan and just have Graham with Thirteen.

    3 companions- based off Season 11- just doesn’t work and Tosin is a dreadful actor.
  5. Yaz is definitely the companion to go, if we're judging her by how many scenes she appeared in. She was barely in last night's episode! Does Chris find her the least interesting companion to write for? It seems like another Martha Jones situation. With luck that all changes in 2020 for Yaz.
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  6. Chris gave an interview with the cast a few days ago and he seemed to hint that there were plans for Yaz in the offing for Season 12.

    It’s weird. I’m watching The Woman Who Fell To Earth and Yaz is such a huge part of the first two acts but then seems to practically vanish in the third act and after that she may as well not be there. It’s almost as though half way though the episode, Chris seemed to realise he had no idea what to do with her and never figured it out.
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  7. The fam thing needs to die.
  8. The Doctor adopting so much "millennial speak" does come across as silly and rather desperate?
    What other Doctor was so keen to speak the lingo that tried to be "down with the kids"?..
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  9. I recall fans saying something similar with Matt Smith's 'bow ties are cool' declaration and David Tennant's Converse shoes. It's part of The 13th Doctor's manner, I suppose.
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  10. I'm guessing this is Chris Chibnall "writing for the modern world"...
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  11. Bow ties ARE cool though.
  12. Are they?

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  13. Eleven will forever be MY doctor and his tenure will always hold a special place in my heart even if Season 7 was a disaster.
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  14. Everything after his first year was really hit or miss, mostly miss for me. I don't think his tenure recovered from the horror of Season 7. I hope Jodie's time as The Doctor improves rather than get worse like it did with Matt. I've got a bit more faith after Resolution.
  15. Season 6 was the disaster surely, 7 wasn’t that bad, it just felt very long.
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  16. I really like Season 6 up to and including Let's Kill Hitler. After that it absolutely atrocious. The finale was an overstuffed disaster and the Christmas Special afterwards was flat out boring. Season 7 just didn't excite me in the slightest, largely because of Clara who I absolutely loathed until Season 9 when she finally stopped being a plot device and they got rid of "Danny Pink" for her to moon over.
  17. Unfortunately, yes. That's how Chibnall and the producers want her to connect to the audience, I suppose...
  18. Yes, you're right. Season 6 was the disaster! Everything went horribly wrong. I'm not a huge fan of Season 7 these days, but at the time I more or less enjoyed it.
  19. I think Jodie will be a grea
    The reveal of Oswin in Asylum was a great move and a genuine surprise, but it went absolutely nowhere. I can't even recall the last time I watched that particular series.
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