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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Kirkland, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Why does nobody on Earth remember the Daleks from the last 17 invasions?
  2. Ha ha and all the other alien invasions they're always shocked about these things you think they'd be used to them by now!
  3. The Cracks In Time a few series again created a Universe Reset.
    The Daleks had all been wiped from existence.
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  4. Timey wimey thingummy ooh it all never happened...
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  5. Donna was away on holiday when all the invasions happened.

    Actually, The 7th Doctor references a few invasions to Ace in Remembrance of the Daleks. The Zygons and The Yeti. She has no idea what he's on about. They've probably been covered up by UNIT. Goodness, they'd have their work cut out for them in The Pertwee Era when aliens attempted an invasion every week.
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  6. I remember in the RTD days they used to always make throwaway comments to acknowledge this about how people only see what they want to see, and are happier living in blissful ignorance.

    To be fair, it's a necessary plot device in all sci-fi shows to maintain some suspense and realism. Things just don't work as well if they're set in an universe where everyone knows monsters exist.
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  7. The Daleks face their deadliest foe

  8. At least they aren't cowering before a Jammie Dodger. Imagine introducing a new 'improved' race of Daleks only to hold them at bay with a biscuit! #VictoryOfTheDaleks #WTF
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  9. I continue to be astounded. Like, I don’t understand any of the criticisms I see of this show anymore. Resolution was brilliant, the best Dalek story in more than a decade. After a brilliant season, seeing Chris produce this as his first classic monster story doubles my confidence for series 12. He’s doing an amazing job with just a few wrinkles to iron out, specifically more companion development next year.
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  10. LTG


  11. For the most part, I absolutely understand the criticism. Chris Chibnall was always the worst Doctor Who writer. However, I need to give him credit for giving the show a boot up the arse. It really needed a completely new direction. I never thought he'd reinvent the Daleks so successfully. Resolution was brilliant. I love that a Dalek actually got to exterminate a load of people too. I can't totally write him off after New Year's Day. But he needs to give Jodie a challenge.

    When Doctor Who first started back in 1963, it showed what happened when two teachers followed their strange pupil home to a junkyward and the consequences of getting involved with her grandfather. In a show titled Doctor Who, "Doctor Who" was part of a cast of four! Chris Chibnall, for better or worse, has gone back to basics.
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  12. I’m only just catching up, but Resolution is a bloody great hour of tv, and Dr Who. What a triumph to end a season on.
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  13. I liked the premise of Resolution but the pace was far too disjointed which sapped a lot of the enjoyment. All the stuff with Ryan’s dad should’ve been saved for some random mid-series episode rather than cluttering up a seasonal special. The deus ex machina being a fackin MICROWAVE really took me out of it as well. Between that and the wi-fi bit I find Chris Chibnall’s brand of humour that he injects to be quite... offputting. He doesn’t really have the range for these kind of ‘quirky’ or satirical moments and they end up coming across as laughably bad or just awkward.
  14. I thought his humour was really effective in Resolution. The WIFI gag, UNIT shutting down possibly due to Brexit, The Doctor's 'Rels' comment. I agree with you about the pacing, though. Ryan and his father in a cafe lacked spark. If you compare it to the cafe scene between Rose and Jackie in The Parting Of The Ways, you can see the difference.
  15. The WiFi joke was your typical baby boomer joke. It was awful.
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  16. Yes! It sets things up nicely for 2020. I pray Chris ropes RTD in to write a two-parter. Make it happen!
  17. I'd prefer Chris to get RTD to write a ten-parter.
  18. This would be...ideal.
  19. Steady on. He wasn't that good! I look back on some of his episodes and they are a bit, well, cringy now. Maybe that's just the passage of time...
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  20. He can freely come back and give us a Midnight... but some of his eras greatest were not written by him.
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