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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Kirkland, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Yep it was by Moffat
  2. God bless Moffat but he did some terrible stuff during his stint as producer as well. Not just his familar misogynist tendencies or the uncomfortable sexual harassment of Clara by The 11th Doctor. There's also The Dalek Paradigm being one of his worst bungles. Oh and all of the dire Season 6. No showrunner had a perfect run. Not even Verity Lambert or Philip Hinchcliffe. Likewise, many fans would probably suggest the best story of Moffat's Era was one written by another writer. Vincent And The Doctor or The Doctor's Wife being the top picks. Not Nightmare In Silver though.
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  3. If we're going to look at RTD let's not forget the horror of Cucumber.

    Actually, let's forget it...
  4. I never watched it. Not my thing at all. But A Very English Scandal was amazing peak RTD and was in the news this week after Ben Whishaw won a Golden Globe for his role in it.
  5. Yeah that was 100% fabulous.
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  6. People who are obsessed with RTD and pressed as hell about Moffat .... need to calm down.

    Both have done amazing things, and not so good things (and written or allowed others to write sexist shit). Their era is in many ways a joint era which is now over. It was great while it lasted.

    And they would never have allowed even the less-bad episodes of this season in without a strenuous rewrite so here's to real showrunners x
  7. Both RTD and Moffat were able to define the character of a new regeneration in their first year. Both times they did it.

    I genuinely don’t know what unique traits I could assign to 13 beyond female presenting and big on forward planning? This is Chibnall’s biggest failure in my opinion.

    Jodie gives a great performance but she’s not been given a lot to really do. I’d be interested to see how 13 is depicted in spin off novels and comics because they don’t have her acting to fall back on.
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  8. Actually, Philip Hinchcliffe might have had a perfect era as showrunner.
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  9. Ugh they were so iconic
  10. I love Capaldi's look for that season. It was better than the cosmic hipster look his rebooted character wore the series after.
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  11. I'm doing a rewatch of the RTD era and in the 'School Reunion' episode where the Doctor is reunited with Sarah Jane, it's so jarring to think of him as the same character as Jodie's Doctor who bounces around with her "fam" and constantly refers to the companions as her friends.

    I love that RTD was brave enough to basically paint the Doctor as a selfish, people-user, who throws away his companions after they're not fun anymore and doesn't really care about damaged they become after they try and resume normal life.

    I suppose you can tenuously claim the character has had growth over the years in between.
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  12. Billie Piper is booked to appear at Wales Comic Con in April. I hope she does actually come!
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  13. She'll be taking it easy after giving birth to her brand new daughter.
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  14. I pictured them saying this in character.
  15. I'd forgotten about the Matt Lucas years.

  16. I loved the Capaldi/Bill/Nardole series.
  17. Peter Capaldi's best year, I thought. Certainly the most consistently strong in terms of writing. And enjoyable too. I liked Capaldi's Era for the most part, but he rarely got the strong material he deserved.
  18. I loved Bill but I hated Matt Lucas character, he was always there the way doing nothing. I love Matt in Little Britain, but...just no.
  19. Here's a fanmade regeneration scene for Colin>Sylvester, using audio from a Big Finish production.
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  20. So production has started again this week. But then what? Is it just going to sit in a vault until next year?
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