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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Kirkland, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. The cliffhanger to Part 9/Terror Of The Vervoids Part 1 is up there as the bets of the best. I mean they got Bonnie to scream in the pitch of the theme tune!
  2. Tribal Spaceman

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    I'd love Mel to pop up in modern Who and defeat the bad guys by screaming.
  3. Giving you Victoria Waterfield, Fury From The Deep.
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  4. The latest Doctor Who rumours are crazy. But are they true?
  5. I’ve just read them and big Yikes!! if they’re true!
  6. The source is problematic, so it might not be. But stranger stuff has happened at The BBC.
  7. Can someone post them? Under a spoiler tag of course x
  8. I feel like this rumour has reappeared every few months since the middle of the filming of Series 11.
  9. Taken from Reddit:

  10. If true, this could be a terrible killer blow to the show. None of us particularly like Chris Chibnall, but the first female Doctor leaving this way? It looks bad.
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  11. There's an announcement coming at 14.30. Apparently. If nothing happens, we can hopefully cast aside the rumours.

    Matt Baynton is the new Doctor, if you believe Gallifrey Base. Doubtful. The new series is still being filmed.
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  12. Ignore. There's probably nothing happening today. Someone from YouTube is being mischievous.
  13. My frustration with it would be (if she is going) that it would cause the naysayers to bleat on about how a female Doctor doesn’t work. Which obviously isn’t true. She just needed better writing.
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  14. One rumour is that the BBC want merchandising to improve. It hasn't been doing well for years. Another is that Chibnall didn't want to do the show in the first place and creatives differences are the problem.
  15. I hope this is true, just because I enjoy mess far more than I enjoyed the last season.
  16. Oh I know! Ha ha.

    If this is true, I'll post my feelings and thoughts. I find it strange that this has just come out of the ether, but then...maybe there's nothing to it. We'll soon see.
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  17. Series 11 did really well in its new slot, I’d be surprised if anything comes to pass from these rumours.
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  18. I feel like BBC drama and wobbling quality is part of the fabric of Doctor Who, as it would be for any series that has been on air for six decades. It almost feels an essential part of the Doctor Who experience at this point.
  19. Maybe the surprise announcement is for a second series of Class they filmed secretly?
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