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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by RHOPJ, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Freema wasn't helped by RTD's bizarre decision to have her living in Rose's shadow for her entire series. Martha was never going to be as popular as Rose and Donna but she never really stood a chance.

    Turn Left is the greatest ever Doctor Who story! It's even more powerful and chilling watching it these days.
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  2. Between that and Torchwood: Children Of Earth, RTD was firing on all cylinders in 2008/09

  3. I remember almost losing my breath when Rose popped up in her iconic purple jacket during this trailer
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  4. The most shocking moment of the whole show for me, is still when Donna is talking to a blonde woman in the season 4 premiere then she turns around and it’s Rose.
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  5. This is the best Doctor Who has been in years.
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  6. Apparently the next Doctor is female. Just a rumour though, but the bookies have stopped taking bets...
  7. My pick is Lydia West. Olly Alexander can be her companion.


    Seriously, that could be really good.
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  8. I’d be hard pressed to want any of my favourite actresses to portray the Doctor during the Chibnall era. . . But if we have to I’d love to see Dominique Tipper from The Expanse in the role. She’s a fantastic actress and I think she has a physicality that would make her stand out in the role. Naomi Nagata one of the is one of the best sci fi characters in recent memory, but I think the hard edged humanity she portrays in The Expanse is incredible and her quirky real life persona could make her an inspired choice.

    I would have said Zawe Ashton once again again but considering she may have just been cast in Captain Marvel 2, I don’t know if tv is in her future.
  9. Jo Martin is right there too. I preferred her as the Doctor in her couple of episodes to Jodie's entire run.
  10. Morven Christie's name has popped up, but that's probably because she's just left The Bay.
  11. I would like another woman just to keep the momentum and normalise it for future vs it being an exception.
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  12. There's also a rumour Chibnall is leaving and his replacement is female.
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  13. This is like the third time we’ve been told he’s leaving.
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  14. Please be true! Realistically it isn't going to get a lot better until Chibnall leaves, no matter who is the Doctor.
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  15. Yes. I'm not sure how likely it is, to be honest. Maxine Alderton seems like the obvious choice. Or Pete McTighe?
  16. They have a really great opportunity here to cast someone who is super talented and is not the run of the mill types we have seen so far. I would love to see someone like Nina Sosanya take the helm.
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  17. I'm doing a lockdown rewatch and I've just got through the absolute slog that is the Amy Pond era. Freema / Martha receives a lot of the fandom's ire as far as companions go but Karen is such an appalling actress in so many of her scenes. An absolute charisma vacuum with no screen presence but I can see that Moffat's writing didn't help. His poor treatment of female characters is well documented but the arrival of Clara showed that a competent actress could work better with what they were being given.

    The RTD era is ingrained in my mind as I was obsessed with the show as a pre-teen whereas I've mostly only watched each episode upon airing since 2010. In hindsight, I appreciate that Steven tried to do something different with the show but it definitely got lost in its own mythology and became far too convoluted. From memory, I remember his era picking up from 2013 so I'm looking forward to continuing.
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  18. What happened to Paul Cornell? Three absolute bangers and then he just wandered off somewhere. Drive a lorry full of money up to his house and tell him he's the showrunner now.
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  19. I just watched Gridlock since maybe the first time it aired, and it's still a Series 3 highpoint. The lack of them destroying the Macra does let it down.
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  20. Oh yes, a really strong episode. I remember hating The Shakespeare Code the week before, so this was a relief.
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