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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by RHOPJ, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Skipped it. I'm treading lightly with S3, and jumped straight to 42 after... I intend to rewatch all of S4 and S5 though.

    Michelle Collins would make a great female doctor.
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  2. I wept at The Family Of Blood, but I also forgot Blink is one of the best episodes of tv ever, let alone Dr Who
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  3. Sally Sparrow is very much an Amy prototype. I always wanted to see her again.
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  4. Sarah Lancashire was so iconic as Miss Foster, when the trailer first aired and we saw her with a sonic, I thought Rani.
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  5. Every woman on the show is The Rani, if you believe fans. Missy was The Rani. Yaz is The Rani. You know what fans are like. Yet somehow, I don't think we'll see her again.
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  6. Martha is better in Season 4 when she returns than she was in 3.
    "Is that what you did to her? Turned her into a soldier?"
    But maybe, Season 4 is just better in full, all together.
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  7. I agree. I thought she was excellent in Human Nature, but that story arc Russell trapped her in was such a difficult angle. I understand why Donna was brought in.

    Who has watched Katy Manning's interview on the new Season 8 boxset? My GOD I gasped over and over again. She's friends with Liza Minnelli?
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  8. I loved Martha in season 3, but I always felt she was so clearly shoehorned into season 4. She spends most of the Sontaran two parter as an evil clone and is pretty absent and useless in The Doctors Daughter. She’s still in my top 3 companions though.
  9. Martha definitely improved in season 4, but I still didn't like her very much.

    She was always best in Torchwood, where she felt like a great character who fit in so much better than she ever did on Who.

    I want a return, to be honest. And then I want Yaz's exit to lead into a new season of Torchwood with Jack, Gwen, Martha, and Yaz.

    Come on, Chibs.
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  10. Martha has all the ingredients for an interesting and different companion, unfortunately the writing for her wasn’t particularly inspiring, the show constantly put her in Rose shadow and Freema’s acting just wasn’t that great.
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  11. There were rumours doing the rounds that a classic era companion was possibly coming back for an episode. I don't think that's true, but...

    Who would you all like to see?

    I'm thinking Ace, Jo, or Tegan. I think they'd work best.
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  12. Has to be Ace I feel
  13. Martha should have been the new recurring brigadier role instead of Kate Stewart. This is the hill I will die on.
  14. That is a really good idea
  15. The Doctor and Yaz visit the set of Casualty for Comic Relief, which should be fun.
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  16. I'd like to see Ace too. There are so many different versions of what happened to her post-Survival, including Sophie Aldred's own novel, which don't feel satisfying enough.
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  18. I'm only getting the seasons I love on blu-ray (already have every DVD), but now I might just sell em all and get the blus?
    I don't know
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  19. I am going to collect all of the 80s on Blu Ray. Not a fan of the Pertwee era at all so will give that a miss.

    It will be interesting to see if/what they do for the 60s with so much missing.
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  20. Season 7 though, every story is a masterpiece
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