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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by RHOPJ, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. I believe Ace was pencilled in for a return on Sarah Jane Adventures, so I would love for her to come back.
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  2. Catherine Tate was sighted in Liverpool where filming is happening, but her rep denied it.
  3. I really hope this is true. Short of Rose returning, Donna showing up is my absolute dream scenario.
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  4. Time to get Disciples of Donna rebooted and reloaded!
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  5. The Brave Hearts need to assemble too.

    *No prizes for guessing who they're set up to support!*
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  6. "What do you think, flapper or slapper?"
  7. I'd use heart emojis if I could.
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  8. Kelly MacDonald is suddenly the bookies favourite to be the next Doctor!
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  9. And wouldn't she be amazing
  10. Oh she would.

    Other rumours are that The BBC want a new series every year, having become dissatisfied with the gaps. So more consistency.


    The TARDIS is dying which is why The Doctor had problems with it in Revolution, being late to Japan. Allegedly she takes it back to the old times of Gallifrey to restore it. Take with a pinch or two.
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  11. Finally got back to watching the latest season! I’m only on Orphan 55 and...mama, the decline. Spyfall was such a great opener that felt like a return to form, but this episode pretty much exemplifies my problems with this series - everything just looks and feels so terrestrial.
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  12. Orphan 55 was a disaster behind the scenes too. Apparently something happened on set. I'd love to know how it went so wrong. It might be the worst experience on set since Nightmare In Silver. Luckily it's an abberation, because Series 12 is consistent without many lows.
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  13. What's the tea with Nightmare in Silver?
  14. The script was constantly being interfered with and Matt apparently went off during filming, possibly with the pressure of learning all those lines. Series 7 was a nightmare for Steven Moffat in general, his worst experience on the show. He hasn't elaborated much!
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  15. Fugitive Of The Judoon just scored a Hugo nomination!

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  16. It was maybe the standout for S12
  17. Oh for sure. It felt like one of the most earthshaking episodes of Who I've ever seen. A radical rewriting of everything I thought I knew about my favourite TV show.
  18. It is so lovely to see all the wonderful messages about Lis Sladen and Sarah-Jane Smith on Twitter. Ten years ago today, but doesn’t it feel much shorter? And she’s trending too.
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  19. "Don't tell the others, they'll only laugh!"

    Silence In The Library really does smack me in all the feels.
  20. Dr Moon being a future incarnation of The Doctor as well!
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