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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by RHOPJ, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. To add to this, it was also up against big football games, people being able to go out and properly celebrate Easter for two years etc etc. and also tv shows these days don’t do the same massive numbers they used to ten years ago because people’s viewing habits have changed.

    It’s weekly numbers will be fine and it’s currently #1 on the most popular section on iPlayer so it’s looking good.
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  2. When Russell gets five million and fans proclaim it a flop because it isn't ten million, I'll scream.
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  3. Yeah there’s some level of ‘Nintendo is DOOMED’ to some of the discussion. The show can always bounce back
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  4. I'm probably the biggest doomer on the current era here and even I don't think the overnights are a massive deal or indictment. Though I do find it deeply funny that it 'lost' to Antiques Roadshow.
  5. Judging a show's success by its overnights in this day and age is like judging an album's success by physical sales only. It's a bit of an archaic lens.

  6. What the hell is everyone doing on a Sunday night?
  7. It should wash to a certain point because the BBC's guidelines were far more restrictive than most other studios, and what was meant to be Jodie's final series of 11 episodes ended up being 6 episodes of Flux with 2 specials tacked on the end. That was a massive hindrance to a final series which had no doubt already been planned and written.

    And then the BBC threw another curveball at the 11th hour and wanted an extra special for its centenary, meaning that Legend of the Sea Devils had to be written in just 3 days. On top of that its been rumoured that the original length of Sunday's special was 58 minutes, then they were asked to cut it down to 48 minutes.

    That's not saying Covid was the only factor. From the tone of lots of people behind the scenes when they talk about production, they seem hacked off with the BBC's constant meddling. That's why hiving it off to Bad Wolf might be the best thing they've ever done. Bad Wolf can be left to get on with it.

    I was interested to hear the outgoing executive producer basically confirm that as far as he was aware the show might not be returning after Jodie's run, and they didn't find out about Russell returning until the day before it was announced. It sounds like the BBC did intend to rest it at one stage, and the cliff hanger would have had Thirteen dying without showing the regeneration.
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  8. Out at the pub
  9. I'm not quite ready yet.
  10. It’s been my understanding that overnight ratings have been irrelevant for years- ever since the advent of on demand services.
  11. I’m quite excited to see a third doctor under Russell. I absolutely love everything about Eccleston’s Doctor, but the rest of Russell’s tenure was Tennant who frankly I think is the weakest modern doctor.
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  12. Rumours abound...
    that the return of Ace & Tegan is part of a possible back-door pilot for a spin-off. Not sure how much I believe this, but it would certainly be lovely.
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  13. I feel Ten is incredibly overrated outside of Season 4. Ten spends a lot of time just a lot of shouting and gurning.

    That said, Season 4 was unmissable appointment TV- even if I’m still salty about Donna’s exit all these years later!
  14. There are too many reasons to list why David Tennant is the public favourite, the quintessential Doctor whose name isn't Tom Baker. Sometimes it just works. The right actor, actress, writer, and timing. I totally get it. I just hope Russell gives us a follow-up to Journey's End. Every blockbuster deserves a sequel, after all. Donna's fate is not final.
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  15. I liked both of Russell’s doctors, but what I really loved was all of his companions.
  16. The 'Partners In Crime' stuff in episode one of Redacted had me floating in my feelings. Still one of my favourite Who stories ever.
  17. Damn...we lost.
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  18. That's a real shame, I've been convinced she was the next Doctor for ages now. She'd have been great in the role.

    An announcement can't be far away now... RTD has got a big job on his hands to make Doctor Who event television again so I'm starting to think he might have gone for a big name. In a way it would be a ballsier move on his part if the next Doctor was male rather than female.

    I just want to know now!

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  19. I recall someone saying he was going for a big name male actor and then replace him with an actress.

    There was also someone fairly credible in the know who said he seriously considered getting David to be the next Doctor.

    We'll know soon enough.
  20. Why do I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that Jodie won't get a full all out regeneration?
    Like it'll cliffhanger before it's over or something.
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