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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by RHOPJ, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. The taste jumped out!
  2. The news of Ncuti's casting yesterday has eclipsed the shattering revelation in Redacted that... didn't work out between Sally Sparrow and Larry Nightingale.
  3. Mmm this revelation actually came out with “The Lonely Assassins” video game! It goes into more detail about what happened between them.
  4. What's this?
  5. I think Ncuti is a good choice and should bring something different to the role.

  6. It's basically a game that sees Larry return, alongside Osgood, Wester Drumlins, and the Weeping Angels. It recently came to Nintendo Switch, but you can get it on mobile too. It's pretty fun, but short!
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  7. On the topic of Sally Sparrow, let’s get Carey back for an episode to reprise the role.
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  8. Wow. I’m such a flop fan!
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  9. Lots of people claimed to have seen David Tennant in Wales today, near Bad Wolf Studios. He's apparently shaved his beard and quietly refused to take pictures with anyone. Georgia Tennant joked that he's actually doing the school run today, but there are a few too many people claiming to have seen him for it to be fake. Hmm...
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  10. I pray to god Ncuti serves us lots of cleavage.
    I just finished Blink and honestly would love this to happen. One of my favourite one-off characters.
  11. Really not familiar enough to have a strong opinion either way but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a twinge of dread that the Doctor is a young charismatic man again. I hope we're not going back to the days of the Doctor being a swashbuckling self-insert.
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  12. Cute
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  13. He also praised Jo Martin yesterday, which is lovely.
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  14. That's a movie. And potentially much more plot for Ace, Tegan, and the other companions. Ian? Jo?
  15. Russell saying they’re back! What does it mean?!
  16. Diamond emoji = diamond / 60th anniversary?
  17. I wonder if this is about the rumoured 10/Donna return for some specials.
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