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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by RHOPJ, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. I finally started watching this and I have quite a big crush on Christopher Eccleston's Doctor, there's something about his smile.
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  2. His series is one of the best, I think. Especially that finale.
  3. The Bad Wolf reveal is one of the best TV moments ever. 10 year old me was fucking shaking.
  4. Um?!

    Another announcement coming today?
  5. I would take a Fugitive Dr special over one with 11 or 12
  6. 12 hasn't been written by Russell yet so I'd love to see it. Peter is also just...the best guy
  7. There was a real charm to him that I only recently discovered during my rewatches. Watching as an "adult" in 2022 makes me realise how much I missed as a teen in 2005.
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  8. Also, Billie was a revelation in Doctor Who. We sort of take her for granted now, but she was beyond brilliant.
  9. I wish she were returning rather than Catherine Tate whose performance had the subtlety of a brick. I remember her shouting most of her lines and being generally dreadful.
  10. Sam


  11. Leaked set photos have revealed…
    • David has a new costume
    • Donna has bangs
    • Jodie's TARDIS is being used
    • Rachel Talalay is directing

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  12. Guess who was with Rachel in April
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  13. A rose?! Could she be a new version of rose?
  14. That's true in The Runaway Bride, but she was far better in her series.
  15. Edit: Never mind I got excited over a fake account
  16. That's a fake account sadly.
  17. Yeah I just clocked
  18. That’s it confirmed now. She’s going to be amazing
  19. Another Rose?! Guessing she’s Donna’s daughter and the name is part of the Time Lord brain bleeding through...?
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