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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by RHOPJ, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. An absolute legend and such sad news. Wilf was always one of those characters that I could just watch for hours and that was down to Bernard’s performances.

    Also “She won’t let me, she says they’re naughty” when Rose asks about a webcam is one of my favourite line readings on the show ever. Cracks me up every time.

    And not to mention that moment in End of Time when he knows the Doctor is going to his death. Just beautiful.
  2. He just felt like one of those actors or singers who would always be there, though we know that’s not the case. And the fact he was only in about 10 episodes and still remains one Who’s favourite characters says it all. Legend.
  3. I'm so excited to see what's about to happen.
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  4. Rumours of Christmas specials returning…whew.
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  5. Vicki stans rejoice!

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  6. This is wonderful
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  7. The Pallister Posse win again!
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  8. Flicking through iPlayer for something to watch, and Torchwood came up, so of course I've put on Children Of Earth.

    It's maybe the best thing Russell ever did on his first go around
  9. "Almost like a crack in time---"

    I haven't watched any classic Who in well over a year, so I'm rewhetting my appetite, and I've put on City Of Death

    I needed something, light, fun, oozing in Romana and Doctor sexual chemistry, and a classic.
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  10. And it's hilarious!
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  11. It's a rare story, where each of it's cliffhangers advances the plot forward, instead of being fake outs and screams (not that I mind fake outs or screams).

    Douglas Adams should have done more, but alas...
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  12. I have to say The Pirate Planet is very underrated.
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  13. [​IMG]
    Season 17 has just gotten better as I've gotten older, apart from Destiny Of The Daleks, which has always been a bore.
    So I think I'll continue on from this Parisian point
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  14. I'm just starting The Leisure Hive, it's amazing how much different it looks compared to... season 17, which has certainly gotten much more entertaining the older I get.

    But now, I think Season 18 might be my all time favourite season of Who (even more so than New S4), and off we go
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  15. The director went over budget and was never hired again. A real shame. But imagine tuning into episode one and experiencing that new title sequence! A burst of pure sound and colour. And watching K-9 'die' in the first few minutes. Ha.
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  16. I find The Leisure Hive a real slog to get through, it's just so slow. However the run of Full Circle/State of Decay/Warriors' Gate/The Keeper of Traken/Logopolis is one of the strongest of the whole classic series. It's my favourite Tom Baker season by a mile, love the brooding funereal atmosphere of the season as the longest serving Doctor prepares for the end.

    The new title sequence, theme tune and logo is still my all time favourite

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  17. ... And there was me thinking last night, alot of four parters could have benefitted from having The Leisure Hive's 20 minute episodes over the standard 25.

    I'm just struggling through Meglos before I get back to the good stuff
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  18. The E-Space Trilogy is so tepid for me, except State of Decay which drips with atmosphere. Sadly, that little brat Adric is there too.
  19. All three have strong stories, great cliffhangers, memorable images and wonderful acting...

    Couldn't be me not enjoying them
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