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General Dolly Rockers Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Charley, May 18, 2009.

  1. And I still haven't been sent my stickers!
  2. I've got loads of the things. PM me your address and I'll send you some free.
  3. If you don't mind sending some to The Netherlands, I'll PM you.

    I really hope these girls'll release an album someday. I still don't like How Did I End Up With You? though!
  4. im excited to see what they come up with next. my friend saw the dolly rockers with a new member at a pixie lott gig and she said that she was really pretty. i think there so much fun and i want them to play at my birthday party. does any1 know how to get in contact with them?
  5. "Dolly Rockers... Is the dream over?". Probably.
  6. Over? It didn't even start!
  7. I wanna know when they're debuting the new girl!
  8. The dream did start.
    The "being successful" thing didn't.
  9. Is there any footage of TDR with the new member or any pics?
  10. Theres talk of a summer release for a remixed version of How Did I End Up With You.
    Going back into the studio, rerecording the vocals, and jazzing the track up.
    It may be an indie release but more info will follow at the end of the month.
  11. This would be amazing if it actually happens
    Bout time! They should have released this a year ago!
  12. Oh i do hope they sort their shit out and get a proper release schedule. They had proper potential and personalty, not something any of the recent glut of girl bands can lay claim to...
  13. Where did you hear that? If so, then at least they can't be ripped for not being able to sing because this girl is very good!

    I don't think Brooke is too bad either, so now we have two dolly's who can sing (hopefully)!
  14. Sophie is definitely the best singer of the bunch, I think. this girl's pretty decent, too.
  15. Good voice, but that's hardly what the Dolly Rockers were supposed to be about is it? The spell has completely worn off for me now. There was something very genuine about the original three.

    Shame. I was really looking forward to them making a proper start.
  16. I agree. It pains me deeply to say this but I think...dolly's, the dream is actually over now.
  17. You would've all been having a go at her if she sounded vocally weak though...
  18. I think we should wait for a new song or for one of their song's to be redone to see if they have the same charm musically and of course in interviews etc. but it seems like that'll be a while...
  19. Lucie was my favorite, but the new girl seems great.
    Can't wait to here new stuff from them.
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