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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I didn't really mean it as a criticism, because I loved exploring the fields in XII but I mean, in terms of story time it must have taken a long time to travel to all those places.
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  2. They also make a big deal out of it in terms of the story itself - the walk to Archades is presented as a massive endeavour.

    XIII does feel like it should be fairly quick, because they're constantly being chased and can't really stop anywhere.

    Lighting Returns is an easy one, though. You can't come out of that without knowing EXACTLY how long it took.
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  3. I didn’t mean it as a criticism either - it definitely felt like a huge deal for them but sometimes it was a drag for me walking around - that is why I like speed run option. You get things done faster but it doesn’t take away the feel of a huge journey.
  4. So I completed FF1 yesterday. It’s my first FF game that I’ve completed. I’ve played many of the others but never wanted to complete before trying to track down every last thing, which never happens. It felt good to finally see one through to the end.

    I’ve now started FF2 for the first time. It’ll be interesting to watch how the games grow and develop through the series.
  5. I finished FF6 a few days ago. It really is a great game with interesting stories and characters. I still think Kefka is a bit overrated as a vilain because he doesn’t have much depth - he is simply an evil psycho.

    There are definitely parts that you wouldn’t catch without a guide. I completely missed Shadows dreams for example. I even killed the poor guy because I didn’t choose Wait option haha!

    I’ll start FF3 soon.
  6. I took advantage of my Christmas vacation and played (and finished!) X-2 for the first time. After backtracking through this thread a bit, I think I agree with the overall consensus - the battle system is absolutely fantastic and as a result I didn't even mind grinding here and there. The story on the other hand was probably the most throwaway one since IV or V.
    Also, while having the whole game world open to you from the first chapter was and interesting change for a FF game, it robbed the game of the exploration/discovery aspect that I usually enjoy so much about FF. And since travel basically happened through a menu, checking out all the missions felt more like filling out an Excel sheet than an adventure.

    Anyways, since I seem to have the hots for Final Fantasy again, I've decided to revisit FFIX, which I haven't played in at least ten years. It might be the hard contrast with X-2, but combat feels painfully, painfully slow. I dread even the easiest random encounter because it takes ages.
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  7. I've got to say, being able to tone down random encounters in Bravely Default was a revelation. It feels absolutely necessary playing the older games now. Or at least the speed up option that the FFVII port on PS4 gives you.
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  8. Final Fantasy XV has now apparently shipped seven million copies worldwide:

    I think the number will get even higher once the PC version arrives because not everyone has PS4 and some fans will maybe want to play it again just to see if the version is indeed superior than PS4 version - plus, I'm sure fans will create mods that will be worth checking out.

    I never used mods though, I don't want to play around with those and mess up my laptop in the process. I've seen crazy ones for FF8 on Youtube.
  9. But the battles in BD are so fun!
  10. Oh, I agree! I didn't use it too often, but there were just days when I wanted to move forward with the story and was leveled up just fine, you know?
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  11. Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition has been rated by ESRB. It will most likely include the four DLCs from the season pass.
  12. I'm kind of surprised they didn't release that in time for the holiday season, would have made more sense. I suppose they probably couldn't get it ready in time.
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  13. Yeah, I presume thats the case. I bet another edition will be released once they complete everything they are planning for this year.
  14. What is the recommended level for beating Mandagora prince and co. in that cave in FF12?

    More importantly, do they spawn? I think I beat a few and then they come back...

    Its been an experience today to come back to the game since September, I was so lost.
  15. I think you need to kill all of them at once, not kill 2 and then come back later for the other 3 or something like that.

    But if I recall correctly, it's not really that hard if you focus on one at a time and make sure everyone's gear is up to scratch.
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  16. FFXV in a nutshell.
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  17. Speaking of FFXV, the Assassin's Festival ends at the end of this month so anyone who cares and hasn't done it yet might want to get to it. I need to do it myself.
  18. So these are hints about which characters will be part of the Dissidia NT season pass:

    • Male, New (from newer half of numbered Final Fantasy titles)
    • Male, New (from older half of numbered Final Fantasy titles)
    • Female, New (from newer half of numbered Final Fantasy titles)
    • Male, New (from newer half of numbered Final Fantasy titles)
    • Female, Previously Appeared in the Dissidia Final Fantasy series (from newer half of numbered Final Fantasy titles)
    • Male, New (from newer half of numbered Final Fantasy titles)

    The returning female is either Yuna or Prishe, but I'd say it being Yuna is way more likely. Curious about the other 5 though.
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  19. -chants "GOOD ENOUGH FFXV SWITCH PORT" in the background-
  20. Yeah, Yuna seems like a safe bet. Some other good options seem to be Aranea, Ardyn, or Balthier, which would be pretty exciting.
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