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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

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  2. Can anyone please tell me if FFXII get's any better? I'm 10 hours in and i'm bored as hell. The story is basic and confusing at the same time. The pace is really slow and the towns are so similar that i can't really see any distinction between them. I've never being so put off by a FF game.
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  3. In my opinion it gets worse... The plot makes some major leaps, some dramatic scenes are not established at all and are terribly narrated etc.
  4. I didn't think this was possible. Eh...guess i'm skipping this one for sure.
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  5. Just wait to see what others have to say about it too, just in case!
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  6. I kinda love XII while also thinking it suffers from a story that basically is far too subtly drawn to work vs the characters. But the characters outside of Vaan and Penelo are excellent, the combat is brilliant, dungeons feel much more involved and I high key love the art style.
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  7. Yeah XII might honestly be my favorite if the story had just been better, which is a shame as they really did the whole political angle so well in Final Fantasy Tactics. Everything else about it is brilliant.
  8. I mean, I absolutely adore XII, but maybe if it hasn't grabbed you at all until now maybe it's just not for you. I do get immense joy from the strategic but still dynamic combat system, the gorgeous art design, the music, and the story filled with political plots. I would say that the best part of the game starts right after Bhujerba, which is when the game balances better the guided narration with the freedom to explore and develop your characters.
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  9. I am following Cid after beating him for the first time - it is such a shame I enjoy everything BUT the story, it just bores me most of the time. It also doesn’t help that otherwise perfectly ok characters don’t have a lot of chemistry, they are basically strangers even after spending days together.
  10. Finally bought myself the Final Fantasy IX PS4 release for Christmas. Very into the Speed Up and Safe Travel options!

    It also reignited my love for Quina, who's even more iconic and entertaining than I remembered, so I drew this today:

  11. Okay but now you have to make the rest.
  12. ping @soratami
  13. [​IMG]

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  14. ...Quina is only the second most annoying and useless character in FFIX, so...okay?
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  15. [​IMG]

    Love the other drawings too!
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. See you there!

    @WhenTheSunGoesDown Not a critique about your artistic skills at all by the way! As someone who playing through FFIX again these days, I was purely commenting on the game.
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  18. It does get better. I think the story is quite interesting, the only issue that sometimes you can go hours without anything plot related happening. The game would have benefited from having some party banter while exploring, like recent RPGs usually have.
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