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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Denden forums brought this website up in relation to the Spice Girls, I thought it was interesting to see the GA gals are all still active when it comes to the touring side of things. Here
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  2. Nicola and I were both born in October 1985. Useless information but there you go.
  3. "The Crazy Life" randomly came on. Even the vocal effect and Xenomania production don't make Kimberley's voice enjoyable on the chorus.
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  4. Part of me loves Nicola & what she represents for the group, & part of me is repulsed by her personality & attitude. It's so frustrating.

    I think I like Nadine best nowadays. Sure, she might be a tad aloof, but she doesn't have a tendency to come off as bitter or snide.
  5. I agree about Nicola. I do wonder how that perception is created. I don't really like her attitude but I can't actually point out what I don't like and what she did to create that perception.
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  6. I really wish dj's were more in the habit of giving older songs contemporary remixes. Their canon is obviously flawless, but would love 2017 versions of some of their hits.
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  7. I thought this the other day. Can you imagine a Tropically House of Untouchable.
  8. Very very weird that they've not shut this down - Cheryl signed off on the company accounts last year. No money is going in or out, and they've not toured for 5 years.
  9. Of course Nadine has a different accountant to the other four. Strange how Cheryl, Sarah, Kim and Nicola used an accountant based in Limerick and Nadine used one based in London.
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  10. Screaming at even the accountants not knowing her real date of birth.
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  11. I imagine they had everything set up in Ireland back in 2002 when Louis was managing them, and Nadine popped off once Big Apple Bruce got in her ear.
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  12. No Good Advice says hello it!
  13. Maybe they have definite plans for something in the future? It is odd.
  14. Maybe, seems odd to shut down the band company but keep the touring one that certainly won't be generating any income whilst they're not together?
  15. Why are so many of their videos (and a few of Cheryl's) not on youtube?
  16. I requested Untouchable on a local station and they just played it. Forgot how they completely butchered the single version of that song. Should have gone with Can't Speak French.
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  17. Da fucq.

    Poor Nicola.
  18. I was in the running for buying the Singles Box set from Ebay for 25 pounds. Just at the last second I spilled my tea, whiped my floor and was outbid by 5 pounds.

    Whayt's wrunhg wyth may?
  19. Noooo! Hopefully another will appear soon.

    I still remember how pissed I was when I pre-ordered mine, thinking they'd sell out fast, for them to then have remaining stock for what felt like years, to the point they had to reduce them to £19.99 to sell them.

    I managed to find another copy of the Fan Edition of Tangled Up in a charity shop the other day for 49p! I'd sold my original for £25 or so quite a few years back, so it's nice to own it again.
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