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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Honey. No.
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  2. Henny yes.

    I got everything they've released, been to almost every tour, twice, but the songs, revisited in 2017 aren't as sparkly and bouncy now. It's okay.

    Even Miss You Bow Wow, greatest song, in the world ever - seems... off.
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  3. @Vasilios, how fast were you driving last time you listened to Sexy! No No No... Ideal speed is 75 mph+.
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  4. IT'S NOT.
  5. I know it's weird.
  6. NN, not here for the 'not as good as we thought at the time' talk. It's just that times have changed, we've all grown and the excitement of those tracks when they were new has faded, but they're still mostly wonderful and 'Biology' is still my all time favourite song. And 'Into the groove' is #2, it's THAT good!

  7. Maybe the speakers are broken?
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  8. I go through phases where I find myself uninterested in their music, but I almost always have a resurgence throughout the year. They are still my most played artist of all time but Gaga will snatch that title by the end of the year, I'm sure.
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  9. I listen to Call the Shots on a daily basis. I will NEVER tire of it.
  10. This is so damn wrong I don't even know where to begin.
  11. Even when it's wrong, it's right.
  12. I was wondering if anyone could please help me by posting a link to any performance of See The Day with a Kimberley solo.
    If anyone remembers this I would be very appreciative.
  13. I'm at work so I can't check for sure, but I am fairly certain that the Chemistry Tour performance has a Kimberley solo.
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  14. This is why we'll never be friends.

    I love that I still have the luxury of introducing Girls Aloud's music to people. Every year I create a new convert.
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  15. But how many tours have you seen henny? Are you on the Tangled Up DVD? Hehe
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  16. Saved all my pennies to see the Ten Tour in London twice, and saw them headline Big Gay Out in London in 2005. Bye.
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  17. Literally same for all three! Why didn't you say?
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  18. I love how you can always tell how old certain pictures of the members are based on hair, make up, outfits, and fake tan.
  19. I thought you meant the members of the forum... Kii
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  20. I just did.

    But honestly, I wasn't a regular poster until mid-2013 (only a decade-long lurker up until that point), so I never really shared. They remain some of the happiest days of my life.
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