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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Has anyone heard the Moonbaby version then?
  2. The Out Of Control tour for me, was their best overall show. It really was the girls at their peak.
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  3. Yes, always feel like The OOC tour, just trumps the TU tour and I think its the ballad section. Ten would of been there best tour if there was more old songs they have never done and came up with new arrangements.
  4. It felt like the TU album/campain was better planned. I think Chemistry would of been better had the single choices been better planned and No Regrets, It’s Magic we’re replaced with better songs.
  5. No, don’t think so, but I’ve seen it on an internal publishing database with MIRANDA COOPER as the performer.
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  6. It’s Magic was quickly switched from a b-side to album track, taking the place of Singapore. That’s why we got it on See The Day CD1 as a “new track” - it was too late to change the singles, they were already pressed and ready to go. It wasn’t a new track at that point, we got it a few weeks earlier on the album! Biology and See The Day were manufactured at the same time and released 6 weeks apart.
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  7. Tangled Up was their peak as a group. Both live and with the album.

    The Out Of Control tour had its moments, but it was the start of them rehashing from previous tours.
  8. Just out of genuine interest, what do you see as rehashing on the Out of Control Tour? I honestly can't put my finger on it.

    I'm probably forgetting something though, ha.
  9. And albums.
  10. TMI


    What was the point of replacing Singapore with It's Magic ?

  11. I prefer Singapore, but what you gonna do 12 years after the fact?

    Currently blasting out Tangled Up. Greatness.
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  12. The main reason Out Of Control tour sucked was the parent album being a bit shit.
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  13. I thought the Out of Control tour was rather sublime. The Ten tour.... not so much.
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  14. Now listening to Chemistry. It's still their best.
  15. TMI


    Broken Strings is the best cover they did. Wish there were a studio version.

    By the way, I hate the Out of control tour audio. We hear the audience more than the actual songs.
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  16. It can’t be worse than the Tangled Up audio surely.
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  17. PS: See The Day is awesome.
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  18. TMI


    I don't know...Listen to Sexy No No No on the Out of Control Tour dvd or cd and you can hardly hear the beginning.

    And, what a shame about cutting the intro of the Promise.
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  19. Watch Me Go is easily the worst song on Chemistry.
  20. TMI


    Go hide yourself !
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