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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. The trick starting!
    Flying over the audience - Untouchable to the B stage
    The inspired Medley encore!
    The amazing graphics on stage in the first two sets...

    If anything Ten rehashed from their previous tours...
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  2. Well, it's better for a start? Singapore goes nowhere. They were right to take it off, and like @Jackooh suggested, No Regrets should also have been weeded out.
  3. Banned. It’s not their best but far from shit.
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  4. TMI


    I've listened to the 2012 megamix again, and it could fit to a fantastic performance for their 15th anniversary à la Out of Control tour megamix encore.
  5. It's Magic is amazing.
    Singapore is amazing.
    The Ten Tour is amazing.
    The Out Of Control Tour would be amazing, but the album is their worst.
    The Tangled Up Tour would be amazing, but the DVD audio is embarrassing (I always have to stop it before Something Kinda Ooooh).
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  6. It's Magic, No Regrets AND Singapore deserved to be on Chemistry.
    Racy Lacey and Swinging London Town both did not deserve to even be b-sides; never mind make the album.
  7. "Singapore" is so addictive, it's been in my head for the last 2 months
  8. This post is a disaster.

    These are the changes that make Chemistry a perfect album for me: Move See The Day to the XMas bonus disc & replace it with Nobody But You, replace Whole Lotta History with I Don't Really Hate You, replace No Regrets with Singapore, and tack on Crazy Fool as another bonus track. That said, I love it as is.
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  9. Is this digitally available anywhere these days? Haven’t heard it in years.
  11. Well we all know that’s a lie as What A Feeling, Wicked Game and a couple more were ready and waiting in a draw to be used.
  12. Have I mentioned I'm on the Tangled Up DVD.
  13. I swear I've seen you on near enough every music concert DVD.
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  14. I'm still pissed they didn't use a cutaway shot of me during the Ten Tour DVD because they only used female fans. I was hamming it up for that camera during Call The Shots like my life depended on it.
  15. Homophobic.
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  16. I want a compilation DVD/Blu-ray of @Vasilios concert appearances.
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  17. What was with the Jump chorus audio on the Tangled Up DVD? It sounds like someone dubbed The Pointer Sisters over them.
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  18. That was the weirdest bit about it.
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  19. Tangled Up Tour DVD audio is the worst by a (live in the) country mile.
  20. Erm. What?
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