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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I have to say all those pop groups who have put their issues aside and are on good terms now is nice to apart from the Girls Aloud, who i don't think will ever resolve their issues sadly now. It just seems Nadine likes to stir the pot with new lies every time she has a new single out and the three members are so close that they are not interested in the other two and Sarah is in another time zone having breakdowns and causing dramas....

    Steps resolved their issues after many years
    The Spice Girls...even after Geri walked out after all those years they are back once more...
    Take That....Gary & Robbie loooked like could never make things work but here we are!

    So come on Girls....i really wanted a twitter post on their 15th anniversary of them all together but what we got was just three of's just sad the problem we have in Girls Aloud as in all the other pop groups they are all equals in terms of friendship but in Girls Aloud we have a mini friendship that is stronger than the bigger friendship and that causes issues..
  2. I've said this before in response to dietcoke's post because it's been posted before but Steps took 11 years to reunite, the Spice Girls (as a five) took 9 and Take That didn't get Robbie back for well over a decade. They only split up six years ago so there's time for these rifts to heal. People need to stop putting emphasis on these anniversaries that don't need to be celebrated. None of the above bands all sent out a 15 year anniversary tweet to appease the fans, why should Girls Aloud?
  3. We'll see them together again. Bookmark me.
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  4. I don’t want them to get back together if it’s just for a greatest hits. I want another studio album otherwise they can keep it.
  5. Me too, so long as it's better than Out Of Control and more Every Now And Then and less Beautiful Cos You Love Me.
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  6. Ugh I got really drunk last night and Neil Tennant was in the same bar and I thanked him for creating the Loving Kind 'especially Nicola's part' and now I'm cringing at my life.
  7. What did he say?
  8. Amazing! Be gone with that glittering discography with the Pet Shop Boys... Girls Aloud are the only thing that matters!
  9. Totally agree.
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  10. "Oh you're very welcome! That's nice of you!" *cheers* and then I stumbled away.

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  11. I just died! I can’t find the post on their Instagram though.
  12. There's no doubt in my mind.

    They will reform. Their issues are pre-school playground shit compared to Steps, Spice Girls, Take That.
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  13. Oh my god. At least its not the Hits of Steps tour of Mediterranean gay tourist traps Lisa Scott Lee did in the late 00's
  14. Funny thing is she won’t need the other girls to belt out the hits ironically
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  15. She should just play songs from her actual debut album (i.e. Chemistry).
  16. I would love to hear No Regrets And 100 Different Ways live at the tour. A small ballad section in the middle of the set, with a new song of hers or a ballad from Insatiable?
  17. Why do it?
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  18. YES YES YES!
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