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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. The only autobiographies I’d want from Girls Aloud members would be the two who’ll never write one.
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  2. Nicodine teas
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  3. Nicola's would be boring and Nadine's would most probably be a pack of lies, sadly.
    I sometimes can't even manage reading an entire interview with Nicola. I like her but she needs to start spreading her wings a bit, she's currently last in terms of getting out there since the split/hiatus for me. The rest have done much more than her. She needs to not just lock herself up and write music but actually release an EP/and start presenting or get herself on the reality show circuit...
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  4. I think you've practically written the entire thing for her right there.
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  5. Why are you like this
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  6. This thread is epic
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  7. Well thank goodness someone is finally writing about being a 192 operator. I thought I'd never see the day, thank you Sarah!
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  8. I can't at pizza delivery being labelled an interesting job.
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  9. I love the exclamation mark on failed solo career
  10. Sound Of The Underground came on in the bar tonight & I was LIVING.
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  11. I hate having to click "Show Ignored Content" to figure out what the hell is going on in this thread.
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  12. I remember Sarah had said bits in interviews and "Dreams That Glitter" about people being funny with her etc and how she was whilst doing all these jobs she was trying to make it etc..
  13. Yeah but whether or not people tipped her or stories of people moaning coz their 12 inch pepperoni passion was cold doesn't make for riveting reading does it.
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  14. I want to know when she got her nose did and how old she really is.
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  15. Geri Halliwell teas.
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  16. Yes/Anastacia.

    I've just never believed Sarah was the age she says. The amount of jobs and life experiences pre-Girls Aloud just didn't add up.
  17. That's what the rest of her life stories are for they compliment the pepperoni stories well and as a whole you have a interesting collection of stories about the blonde one from Girls Aloud!
  18. Maybe she has a time turner.
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  19. Five years since the Ten Tour.

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