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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Oh my god. At least its not the Hits of Steps tour of Mediterranean gay tourist traps Lisa Scott Lee did in the late 00's
  2. Funny thing is she won’t need the other girls to belt out the hits ironically
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  3. She should just play songs from her actual debut album (i.e. Chemistry).
  4. I would love to hear No Regrets And 100 Different Ways live at the tour. A small ballad section in the middle of the set, with a new song of hers or a ballad from Insatiable?
  5. Why do it?
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  7. I can honestly live without the lyrical genius of "boop boop e doop e doop boop e doop e boop doo---doo doot doo doo" live.
  8. If Nadine does "Every Now and Then" without the other girls on this tour.. I will cry.
  9. The twitter followers comparison is shocking. I know some where late to join but others but obviously Kimberley's mixed in a lot more showbiz circles than Nadine and therefore has more followers?
    Cheryl - 6.4m
    Kimberley - 699,000
    Nicola - 438,000
    Nadine - 342,000
    Sarah - 242,000

    What explains the differences. Obviously Cheryl has a lot more but the others I expected to be closer...I mean even The Saturdays members have more followers, why are Girls Aloud not got more when they are more popular than them?
  10. Cheryl is beyond overrated
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  11. Older fans - less engagement.
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  12. Also social media wasn't really that big in the GA heyday. Nadine was the first Alouder to even get going on the whole Twitter thing way back then.
  13. Instagram, where the 'kids' are, Nadine also ranks at the bottom...

    But we don't care! Just keep giving us the bops and the tours. The rest of the world can miss out of how amazing she is and that's ok.
  14. why are all of nicola's performance iconic
  15. Can anyone help me find the video that best shows off the Sound of the Underground routine please?

    I'm err, asking for a friend...
  16. Sarah is writing her autobiography!!
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  17. With a mic stand? I'd probably say this one.

    From 2:25

    I hope it's what you meant. Also, if this is for you, I want it recorded and uploaded to insta. Puh-lease x
  18. I honestly can't see how you could live without that. I LOVE that part.
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  19. and who correctly predicted just before her CBB win (which I also predicted) that she would write an autobiography, ME!!!!!!!
  20. I wasn't aware your low-calorie soft drink psychic powers qualified as the primary source you were seeking, but you go girl.
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