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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I'm so glad we got the line up we did. Javine got a solo career and released an album so it was all good.
  2. "career"
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  3. DDDDDDDDDD stop
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  4. Yeah career is pushing it but she got to release decent singles I guess...Real Things & Surrender (Your Love), were ace. I am in the minority that I loved her album and 'Touch My Fire'. Does anyone else think there any similarities apart from the 'fire' word part of course...It is a similar performance style I guess and way of singing...

  5. I wonder what Javine is up to these days (day to day)
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  6. The second half of Something New (from 'feel the beat deep underground') is a highlight of their whole discography.
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  7. Anytime I hear 'Go girls, g-g-go go go' in a club.

  8. Javine should have done Celebrity Big Brother, She got so much shit for the Alesha/Harvey thing but if he can go in and come out pretty unscathed she should of been able to. It probably won't happen now they've had Sarah but I would live for it, I love her in interviews.
  9. And then send Jamelia in...

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  10. Having Javine, Jamelia and Harvey all in the Nana series is where they went wrong. Imagine Nana bringing it up over breakfast "Eh isn't she the one that called you a slag??".
  11. What could have fookin been......
  12. I can't believe Nadine's had to cancel her UK tour. I'm devastated and so sad for her, I knew her excited she was for it. Obviously....poor ticket sales are the reason and they must have sold very little tickets for them to cancel, it must have been worked out that to go ahead she'd have lost money by touring as she has to pay the venue too. She must have sold less than half, she was struggling even in Dublin her home town so it was obvious it wasn't selling great with all the offers they were putting it part of. It was slightly aiming too high and maybe a few smaller venues and only 2-3 dates will be good. I hope the press don't give her a bad time about this. Not a great day for Nadine fans! I'm guessing this will be the end of the record deal too!? It's all so sad. Hopefully she can move on from this. When I saw it on Twitter I thought it was just fans panicking again but obviously not....
  13. Nadine is from Dublin now?
  14. It's only around 150 mile away.
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  15. A stones throw, I might pop up to Derry now for a ramble.
  16. Do you need a helpline?
  17. Oh well at least she managed to get some decent tracks out there first.

    I do feel for Nadine as she really does love performing. Hopefully she can get work in a decent musical production of something next and showcase that talent.
  18. I meant Belfast. But still Ireland is her home turf, and I was expecting a sell out there anyway!

    I'm still so sad from this. It's hard to imagine where she goes from now. This won't leave her in a great position with the label I'd imagine either as I presume this was were the bulk of their 'income' was coming from?

    I know how excited she was about this! It was all a little ambitious but I presumed she had at least a few thousand hardcore fans who were interested. I hope the album still happens. Whilst I like all the new songs, I didn't love them all bar Go To Work and September Song. On the positive, her attitude and general working attitude is much improved this time round i gotta admit.
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  19. She's probably got about 1-2k hardcore fans MAX willing to come to her tour. With the venues in mind and their capacity levels I would have said she needed about 4-8k sales to sell out even with the smaller room options.

    The venues were very ambitious as she doesn't have any major hits or a back catalogue or has achieved anything huge solo yet so it was optimistic hoping she could sell these dates out. If she'd just come off the back of appearing on X factor or something then that's OK but to be releasing almost half a decade after GA splitting and doing a solo tour is pushing it! I really wanted it to happen for her and the fans. I guess she was hoping she'd get some casual GA fans coming as she promised to spend a good portion of the show re singing their hits again.

    Oh, well. Lets hope that's not the end of Nadine 3.0. If it is, I await Nadine 4.0 doing adult contemporary hopefully(!). It took her seven years to get over Insatiable flopping and she admits that at one point she pondered not singing publicly no more so forbid knows how long we'll be waiting this time....
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