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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Wow at this being online, if I remember correctly these games were bundled onto the cd singles, I know a few of them are on the discs in my singles box set (not that I can even run them)
  2. I played those games all the time, ah the memories.
  3. Don't worry, you'll get a refund.
  4. I meant for Nadine...I know how excited the fans were about this and how she was enjoying putting it all together. Who knows how it all went wrong? Only a week ago she was recording bits of Girls Aloud songs for pre-vocals for the tour and just only 2 days ago she was recording video promo material.

    I'm sure not everyone who plays at the O2 Academy Manchester has a sell out so maybe she shifted less than half tickets for all dates but maybe it became became unworkable not just for the lack of the ticket sales (although that was the main reason) but also that what she had wanted to achieve was not possible. It's clever they went with that excuse in the statement as I think all things considering she's lucky Dan Wootan hasn't totally jumped all over this.
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  5. One thing I don't understand is, is cancelling a more financially beneficial alternative, given she had already recorded the vocals, shot the videos, employed a choreographer, rehearsed with a band, and all that jazz?

    I would understand cancelling if it was done a while ago before all the investment went into it. I feel whatever investor they had (be that EMI or someone else) pulled the plug and decided against carrying it on.
  6. Yes, because everyone involved will be paid for the time they've put into it and go and book other work.

    The venues can be released to someone else and the promoter won't have to pay for them anymore, neither will Nadine.

    Sure, there'll be a loss... but its likely to be much more palatable than putting on a show that loses 10s of thousands every night just by being on stage.
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. The sad thing is Nicola, Kimberley and Sarah are in exactly the same situation but Nadine sees herself as more talented and as the 'voice' so therefore wants to be doing singing rather than the other things they are doing. I think all of them would have had to cancel the same dates too!

    I mean all Kimberley does now is the odd daytime feature, Nicola hasn't done anything for ages and is just writing for Cheryl now and her new album whilst it's great she's doing another isn't gonna realistically fare much better than Nadine's recent output, Sarah may have won CBB but she's a 'mess' and apart form her upcoming autobiography she's just gone from reality show to reality show and whilst Cheryl clearly still has a career despite not releasing anything since 2014 and being on the XF didn't help her last album sell. Going forward XF/BGT with the new streaming age can't guarantee No.1 records no more and I can't see her touring anytime soon either!

    I think Nadine now needs to start thinking of moving away from trying to be a pop star for a while and think about where in the entertainment world she wants to fit in. We've seen it time and time again, failed pop stars going into a different avenue very successfully Amelia Lily, Gareth Gates, Joe McElderry, Alexandra Burke all doing musicals for example. Maybe she needs a reality show...That way Nadine 4.0 can be in a few years when she's a little more grown up and experienced more and she can finally give me that adult contemporary record I crave from her...
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  9. No. AC. Record.
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  10. I'm not sure why you're grouping Nicola with Sarah. She's placed songs with Little Mix, Tinashe, a member of SNSD, Joel Compass and Cheryl. That's pretty well done for a songwriter.
  11. Amendment: Little Mix (before they were massive), Cheryl (as she's her friend)
  12. 1. So?
    2. So??

    They are still things that have been done. It’s like me saying Girls Aloud’s number ones don’t count because they came off the back of reality shows and charities - they’re still number ones regardless of how they got them.
  13. None is as important as Dietcokesajadalli makes it out to be. Not unless you're 13 and a school girl.
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  14. When Go to Work came out I genuinely thought she had found her niche in releasing dancey bops that the gays would get their life to. Clearly I was wrong.
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  15. It's a shame but hardly shocking. She's put out a few songs and an EP it was always highly unlikely people were going to flock to see her live.
  16. Solenciennes

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    You can spin it any way you like but Cheryl, Nicola and Kimberley have a strong work ethic which is probably the basis of their friendship and why the three have them have successfully moved on from the group, pursuing their passions and making a success of them.
  17. Definitely. Cheryl and Kimberley know how to play the game, they understand how to maintain a public profile whereas Nadine just kind of vanishes in between projects.
  18. Could the other girls have stopped her from performing the Girls Aloud tracks?
  19. No.
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